My 2 kobo: Heart of Men


So Ghollywood decided to make this movie called Heart of Men and when they put out the preview, you would think Africa had decided to go into the porn business. Anyway, the movie finally came out and i won’t hesitate to say i searched for it to watch it. It was like a 1.2 hour movie and I can honestly say … IT WAS CRAP!!!
Maybe if they took the time to develop the story line or develop the characters, the story would have made more sense. However, one is left filling the blanks and with more questions than when you started watching the movie. You are just confused and have to come to your own conclusions about the movie. I feel like they focused most of the movie on the point where the sex scenes was coming up. And even that part was a hot mess and came up as a pointless. Even the frigging sex scene wasn’t well done!!!  However, when you watch the preview, most of the focus was on the sex scene so people were waiting for the movie just to see what that was about
To tell the truth, I feel like Ghollywood is trying to enter into the level that Hollywood is and there’s nothing wrong with that. I do find something wrong with not developing good scripts and characters and trying to use sex as the tool to do so. It is already accepted that they have great productions and their movies look good. Now all they have to do is get to the level they want to get to with some class!!!
Anyway, here is the link to watch the part, The interesting one is from 4:07 – 6:46. Enjoy.


  1. dang son! thats a porno, straight up and down like duplex. but if you are going to make a porno, u need to get the angles right and make the facial expressions right. Fail…F9

  2. Thank GOD ! I am not the only one who thought it was overrated… they had a couple of sex but that's not what makes a MOVIE !


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