Lohi’s Kitchen: Chicken and Goat Stew

Chicken & Goat Stew
In a world today that is full of  “fancy” foods and an appeal for eating something different, It is always a welcome change to eat some “vintage” Nigerian food. Rice and stew is the typical go-to meal for most Nigerians. I remember growing up as a child in Port-Harcourt and eating Rice and Stew with big pieces of chicken or meat every Sunday*big grin* It felt like a family routine but as I grew up and started to socialize with other people, I realized it seemed to be a country-wide routine and it is something I have incorporated into my own household. Here is a simple recipe for Stew! Hope you enjoy and check out the printable recipe at the bottom!

-Boil meat and chicken in separate pots with spices and diced onions.
-Allow to boil for 20-30mintues or until soft.
-Put into oven tray and grill on low for 20 mins.

-Cut onions,bell peppers,scotch bonnet, and tomatoes.
-Blend with little water until it becomes a puree

-Boil blended tomatoes until there is little or no water (do not allow it to burn)
-In a clean pot, heat up about 4 table spoons of oil.
-Add tomatoes and allow to fry for5 minutes (WARNING BE CAREFUL: COVER POT TO PREVENT SPLASHES)
-Lower the heat and add spices, chicken and meat stock and allow to boil for 20  mins.
-Add chicken and goat meat and boil on medium heat for 10 more minutes.
-Eat with some rice, plantains, yam, beans, etc.

Hope you enjoyed and please leave your comments to let me know how it turned out if you do try it.

Hugs and kisses

Lohi O

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  1. Nne you just made me hungry; now i am headed to the kitchen to prepare stew with fried tilapia. Btw, lohi where can i get those red spicy peppers we use back home? The closest i could find here in the states are habanero peppers which give food very good taste/flavor and is very spicy. I would still prefer those red spicy peppers,(the ones shown in the pictures above/not the bell peppers). If some one can send me information on where to get it, i would appreciate it. thanks.

    • hey! They are called scotch bonnet peppers and should be at any grocery store. Next to jalapeños or other hot peppers. Hope you find them! and thank you for commenting.


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