Let Go If They Won’t Fit


‘’Sis, I really  wasn’t discussing with them, Oh yep, I was there, I heard the whole conversation, though  hmm I was curious…… you know to chip in but first, I knew it wasn’t right to be discussing such  in class and secondly I felt lately these girls are creating pressures and distractions for me, you know …… hmm, asking me to go clubbing with them and  seriously sometimes  they make me feel un cool and swag less (smiling),sis you know I can’t really hide how I truly feel from you”. Those were the exact words uttered by my 15 years old S.S 3 little sister to vindicate herself  as she anxiously awaits me to pronounce her not guilty of the allegations mounted on her by her math  teacher who claimed  she overheard my little sister and  her “so called friends” talking about condom during  class period. Oh, you too said, “Haba!!”

I was so infuriated but still relieved her puberty  hormones have not really  shove off the confidence she has  to still be able to  discuss  her fears, concerns and actually confide in me what every typical teen her age range faces and I was straight up with her as always that even people in the 20s like her big sis,I mean young adults, even married folks also get choked up with some folks that do not compliment  the standards we set for ourselves but unfortunately we sometimes in the quest to” feel among”  and being labeled as one of the “Gbogbo big girls of Maryland” or the” Dagbororu guys of south Miami”, we waste away our precious time in creepy places and even screw our hard earned cash  on aso ebi since it has become inevitable  because of our  social cohorts.

I unarguably believe every soldier has to be part of an army, yes we cannot live in social isolation, I am not against parties and socializing but still we must have like minded friends. These I firmly told her on our lengthy phone conversation (we couldn’t talk for hours, she is in 9ja), If your friends are not like minded (since her waec and neco are just months away), they will only sap all your energy, having you do stupid stuff with them.

Sisters, that your girlfriends whose major are in Amebology and they specialize in giving you other people’s latest gist are time wasters and that particular one with her constant “men troubles” who have you sitting in her car all night in the front of a girl’s house she thinks her man is messing with so you two can go “WARN” her to leave her man alone but you both got there embarrassing yourselves by acting out some silly kid stuffs.

Brothers, that John guy that always have a reason to take you away from your wife or spouse, he keeps calling you even at work trying to know when and where to hook up with you later in the evening only to baptize you in bottles and you too  get home yelling at your wife(how I wish you  get arrested for D.U.I before you could get home harassing the anxious lady you left at home) and the boyish scheme he taught you to  hide your cell phone inside your boxers so someone else  wouldn’t pick  the call of the skinny thing he introduced you to at the club .

I told her like I have finally come to embrace that I don’t need many; even it does me a lot of good if I get one good friend who will never hesitate to tell me when I am tripping and can easily give me a pat on the back  without fraughts of envy when I am doing a good job than keeping an array of tramps

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  1. Beautiful piece my dear!
    I get sooooooo sick and tired of the Aso Ebi mess; there is Aso ebi for everything even baby Xtening. Isnt that ridiculous. I dont participate and I support folks when they do stuff by just writing them a check and i make some food for them if they need it and getting there on time to help with work if needed but Aso Ebi, count me out.
    Dear husband and I keep few friends who share our morals, beliefs and values and we all strive for better but baseless fashion and socialism, again count me out. It has gotten to a ridiculous height in our NIgerian community…HOHA!


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