Koko Mansion: Rekena & Victoria Out, and New Kokolet in

Isi Munirat
Isi Munirat

I’m not exactly sure if I’ve ever seen a reality show where someone comes in mid-season but it is happening on Koko Mansion. Pretty interesting twist on things if you ask me. Who is she? Her name is Isi Munirat, she is based in the Netherlands, and works as a travel agent. She is a pretty good looking 25 year old. She moves in this Sunday, immediately after the eviction show.

Speaking of eviction. Rekena (my favorite), Victoria and our beloved Rita were up for eviction. Rekena and Victoria were sent packing when it was all said and done…. so so sad. Maybe Rita’s analysis of corruption, demons, hee hef cee cee, and yahoo yahoo saved her…lol.

Anyways, thoughts?


  1. Euros don dey dry up..dis one is coming to hustle in naija…LOL

    Hope the other girls go 'shopping' in her Amsterdam luggage "five finger" discount"!!!!…

  2. Big brother uk always has people coming in mid show. i think dats where they got the idea from. its a nice twist to the show anyhow.

  3. i think the show is coming up real good. Isi came in to shake up the house, but im not seeing the shaking up though. chidimma to win

  4. From my perception D'banj was been bias by sending Lizzy away, she is more intellgent and homely .

    Maureen from London


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