Koko Mansion Contestants

Meet the contestants from Dbanj’s show Koko Mansion. Pretty interesting bunch.
Shona Merenu, Age: 23, Occupation: New Graduate of Imo State University
Shona Merenu, Age: 23, Occupation: New Graduate of Imo State University
Despite the fact that Shona disagrees that she’s a loud person, she admits that, “I don’t seek out attention intentionally, but I always end up attracting attention to myself”. She was more of a tom-boy growing up with three elder brothers, yet she feels that she was pampered as the last child in her family. She’s a very opinionated person who likes dictating what she wants to do, believing that nobody is capable of intimidating her. She hates rules, but does not always go out to break them; instead she looks out for loopholes in the rules that could work in her favour.

Bolanle Okhiria
Bolanle Okhiria, Occupation: Student - Lagos State University

 Bolanle’s first reactions to her selection was loaded with surprise, doubt, and utter consternation; she honestly thought someone was playing pranks on her, “I waited for so long for that call, and when it finally came through I was too excited to believe it was real – I had to tell the producers to prove to me that it wasn’t some kind of a joke” she said, still ecstatic about being selected. Bolanle, or Miss Bee as her close friends would call her, can best be described as a rounded character fresh off the set of a television sitcom – her intelligence, beauty, and sense of humour are some of the qualities that make her company completely irresistible. She describes herself as a romantic person who can’t be intimidated by anybody.



Lillian Ebehohon, Age: 18, Occupation: Student (University of Benin)
Lillian Ebehohon, Age: 18, Occupation: Student (University of Benin)

Lilian is one of the youngest contestants on this show, yet she is by far one of the more imposing candidates. This young lady arrests your attention with her youthful “never let anyone or anything intimidate me” attitude; her zest for life is in fact highly infectious, as her demeanor gives away the fact that she’s determined not to be taken for granted as a result of her age.
She summarizes her ideology with this smug line, “the youngest may be the smartest”. She considers herself outspoken and not loud, and she posits that, “I don’t like dull people; they always get me very angry”. She is very confident that she’s going to emerge victorious, “I know I have the qualities of the ideal Nigerian woman – amplified by my strong will”.



Chidinma Mbalaso, Age: 20, Occupation: Student (University of Abuja)
Chidinma Mbalaso, Age: 20, Occupation: Student (University of Abuja)

 For Chidinma, her biggest concern is for people to see her as more than just a pretty face. This pretty young lady, whose role models are Dora Akunyili and Oprah Winfrey, considers herself an emotional person whose life ambition is to be an entertainment mogul. “I want to do movies – I want to be on TV – I want to make a difference in the entertainment industry”, she says.
Growing up for her was very pleasant, “it’s not like my family is very well to do, but my parents made sure I didn’t lack anything, but they also made me understand that I couldn’t have everything”.


Victoria Oloye, Age: 20, Occupation: Student
Victoria Oloye, Age: 20, Occupation: Student

 When this young lady said, “I need to prove to people that you don’t need to come from a wealthy family to succeed in life” – she was just summarizing her travails, and describing her ambitions in life. She wants her life to be an inspirational rags-to-riches story. She is determined to use her participation on the show to buttress her point. Her dreams are gigantic, channeled in many directions. To her it is an effective strategy for success, because then when one door closes, she opens up another one. Her many dreams include running a successful travel agency, producing international standard movies, and owning a video-vixen agency. In order to keep herself focused on the bigger picture, she’s had to stoop on many occasions to conquer – she’s run a street-side phone call centre, worked as a sales girl, and later became a waitress in a classy bar, before enrolling into the Nigerian Institute of Aviation and Maritime Studies.


Chioma Akuezue, Age: 21, Occupation: Musician
Chioma Akuezue, Age: 21, Occupation: Musician

 Chioma is a talented musician who has no time to disguise her motivation for participation on the show, “I’m here for the money, because when I get the money, I’ll be able to produce my songs, and the popularity will help too, because for you to succeed in the entertainment business, you need to be known”. She believes she’s different from the other candidates because she can sing very well.
Her slender frame lured her into modeling, a profession she is also passionate about. She even described her biggest challenge in life as her desire to prove to those fashion organizers who hurt her ego a few years ago by telling her she wasn’t fit for runway modeling, that she could and would become a successful entertainer.


Bidemi Jolayemi, Age: 23, Occupation: Student (Olabisi Onabanjo University)
Bidemi Jolayemi, Age: 23, Occupation: Student (Olabisi Onabanjo University)

 Bidemi is an unrepentant optimist. “I’m a girl with a PMA – Positive Mental Attitude” she reaffirms, “I’m disciplined, sociable, and hardworking”. Bidemi’s strong faith in humanity gives her a romantic disposition that believes that something good could always be harnessed from very bad situations.
She’s always never in favor of popular opinions on issues, fashion, and everything in between, “I don’t like following the crowd, and I like setting my own unique trends, dictating my own pace, because I never let myself to be sucked in by peer pressure”


Chinwe Hilda Ukadike, Age: 23, Occupation: Just concluded NYSC
Chinwe Hilda Ukadike, Age: 23, Occupation: Just concluded NYSC

 The fact that Chinwe loves tattoos cannot be overemphasized, because her love for tattoos is buried skin deep in three different places on her body. But so also is her passion for fashion, and her ambition to become a celebrated actress. She likes to consider herself as someone who got the necessities of life as a child, “growing up was fun for me, I was always doted on by eight wonderful elder sisters”.
Chinwe grew up in Lagos. She loves watching horror movies, “I enjoy watching movies like Van Helsing, and whenever I’m watching a movie like this, I turn the light off [for that eerie effect]”.


Elizabeth Efe Era, Age: 27, Occupation: Student (University of Uyo)
Elizabeth Efe Era, Age: 27, Occupation: Student (University of Uyo)

 Elizabeth is a lady that strikes you as someone who’s out to save the world, even if this task ends up hurting her. Despite the fact that she is studying economics, she maintains an unrelenting flair for entertainment. However, Elizabeth is a young lady who tries too hard to change the people around her – in fact, she says, “I should be able to counsel my fellow contestants – I want to be like a mother to them – I want to change the mindset of the girls”.
She developed her inert motherly disposition as a result of her exposure as a child to the emotional needs of a large family – she was born into a family of eleven; gradually she developed into a surrogate parent to her siblings, acting as the voice of reason, and go-between between her siblings and her parents.



Mary Osinachi Bruno, Age: 21, Occupation: Student (Lagos State University)/ Business Woman
Mary Osinachi Bruno, Age: 21, Occupation: Student (Lagos State University)/ Business Woman

 Mary describes growing up as fun, with a few tough times. Her nickname Sleek Chic best interprets her personality; having been raised in Lagos, she describes the incessant traffic on the roads as an inspiration that influenced a deep appreciation for promptness, swiftness, and accuracy in her actions through life. As a result, she’s learnt to act on her decisions quickly.
She describes her parents as liberal disciplinarians, “they let you take your own decisions once they think it’s the right one”.


Igbinedion Rita Isoken, Age: 19, Occupation: student
Igbinedion Rita Isoken, Age: 19, Occupation: student

Probably the most emotional candidate in the mansion, Rita is a walking example of determination. Over the years, through experience, she’s learnt that the only way to succeed in life is to believe in your self 100%. “I came here because I want to get exposure, not necessarily because of the money, because if I represent myself well, the future will give me more money than the prize money”, she said, admitting that she intends to be caring to her fellow contestants, and guide them whenever they’re wrong.
Coming from a very humble background has made her resolute in her pursuit to become successful. She believes her chances at the title are obvious, as she puts it, “I can prove myself as a woman because I know my left from my right”.  


Rekana Sharon Ojong, Age: 23, Occupation: Recent Graduate of University of Calabar
Rekana Sharon Ojong, Age: 23, Occupation: Recent Graduate of University of Calabar

She majored in Policy and Administrative Studies, yet her passion is deeply rooted in fashion. But if you think that being crazy about fashion is a denigrating attribute, then think again, because this young lady is on a mission, “I’m here to prove to people that I’m not just a beautiful person, but someone with enormous intelligence and depth”.
Rekana’s childhood was not exactly a Cinderella story, “growing up was very difficult – I was raised by my dad alone because my mum left us when I was eight”. She grew up with four older brothers, and one sister, and as the case would be, she became a Tomboy, until she was rescued by a professional model who was involved with her dad, igniting her passion for fashion, and gradually grooming her into becoming a delectable young fashionista who’s left no trace of her tom-boy days.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog


  1. The Federal Character Commission should review this selection–it seems not to be in line with Federal Character mandates.

    And then all this football age that is being used, I hope DBanj wont end up selecting some menopausal babe:)

  2. Interesting… I like Bolanle sha… in terms of physical appearance. Now I want to watch the show.. Oh yeah, Chinwe's weave is something else… She needs to be cut asap…lol


  4. Are you see what i am saw? Thank you my dear,some particular girl's age is very doubtful.21 ke 21 ni.But anyways,their faces are ………. yes, you are right.

  5. keep it real shauna, you are the koko let we are looking for, as for Rita she is a disgrace to Edo state. Koko Master can nominate her if the criteria is to pick people that behave mad. The most interesting part of the show and this is keeping viewers on hold is that we dont know what he is looking for.

  6. dont talk about RITA like that or Edo people that is the problem someof u have i think all this girl are too young to be talking about what a ideal women can offer cos many lack experiencs to have a b/f is no the same has having a husband ok the girls eat too much.give them chores like going to farm go bring water feed cow busy cos is boring

  7. Bolanle, is 2 ugly 4 television,let alone on a tv show, all she done is to say negative things about benin as if that's the only city in 9ja. she is an hippocrate to be calling herself an edo. she should go to the yoruba her mum is from there and grow some beauty stupid girl…

  8. this Edo chick is so razzzzz. she makes me want to slap her thru d tv.lol

    and that grandma Mary,21 yrs… IS IT A BEANS??? hahahahaha

  9. i thing you should send them to a village, any where in 9ja. or build a hut 4 them in the village,they should go to the farm to do some farm works. the koko masion is 2 beautifull 4 them. all they do is eat, they eat 2 much.

  10. hmmm….dis stuff is kewl…bein waitin for some1 in nigeria to start up sometin like 50cent's "money in the bank" show….koolio!

  11. d'banj said the show will be like flava flav reality show but he is not always there with them like trying to know the ideal woman with talent bcos some of them lied just to be in the show so by getting to know each of them ,like when a group wins each of them will be taken out with the cameras so the viewers can see and by doing so their truth will come and the voters will know who is their favourite cos for them to stay in the house they need to be taken out cos the show is not BIG BROTHER i know must of them will betray themself the viewers don't see the girls when they are taken out which is not right.we are surppose to see how they behave when taken out and to try their talent.last week the girls that won was taken out but the viewers the not see were they went ,they only came back with chinese food.the show need to make a change cos is boring watching them dance,cooking and eating every seconds.well the idea of the stars coming to the house to talk to them that's great.some of the girls are fake for sage comment i think u are right the girls don't look like the age they claim

  12. of course dey ain lookin der age….but its all good tho!, at least nw dey shud knw from our comments dat we ain kids and we knw a 21yr old lady wen we see one…

  13. DBanj the koko master (aka ski banj by his jamaican friends)

    k master Any way sha u can keep all the koko letties or shall i call them kokolites hehehehe. 🙂

    some of the house babes dem buff still u get me.

    But dem no do me naaaathin sha, no dis respect. No long tiiing oooo

    I need me a capo varde chic all day any day or salo chic or ethiopia chic.

    Yes oooo ya heaard LOL 🙂

  14. d'banj i love your show so much but please CHIDINMA IS THE IDEAL WOMAN go for her she is pretty, sexy, hardworking, what ealse do you want from an ideal woman that is my advice 🙂

  15. i ope shona, rita lsoken and chidinma should win the koko manstion in the house,coz i really like them in the house.xxx

  16. i kno dat D'banj is in LOVE with chidinma coz she soooooo cute dat is the reason WHY i kno. i ope one again shone rita and chidinma win. all dis 3 beautiful sexyyyy gals dat i name i want rita hav d money coz she need d money more. XmimiX P.S love u all and God bless.

    • u r such a siiico freak, how could you know that dbanj's kokolettes were going to be those three?

      are u one of those people who say dey can c de futer .


  17. dialect is a serious tin u pple can not joke with.If u pple talkin about rita’s not been able 2 put grammars 2geda were in her shoes u will definately do the same

  18. accutaly is a very interesting show i dont do anyting in d house apart from kokomasion cos i really want 2 get somethngs about an ideal woman.D banj remember u said an ideal woman not a pretty woman so look well cos beauty can not only make an ideal woman onces a woman can not bring herself down both when she married and d way she talks 2 pple.i think d only three pple i saw in dat house dat really make sence as an ideal woman are rita,shona,and bolanle but i choose rita at her age desptie english is her prob she is d best cos i believe gratually she will learn i choose her so far i hav been seen her in dat house.D banj brush her up in english.

  19. accutaly is a very interesting show i dont do anyting in d house apart from kokomasion cos i really want 2 get somethngs about an ideal woman.D banj remember u said an ideal woman not a pretty woman so look well cos beauty can not only make an ideal woman onces a woman can not bring herself down both when she married and d way she talks 2 pple.i think d only three pple i saw in dat house dat really make sence as an ideal woman are rita,shona,and bolanle but i choose rita at her age desptie english is her prob she is d best cos i believe gratually she will learn i choose her so far i hav been seen her in dat house.D banj brush her up in english.

    • excuse me chioma, u said shona, bola and chidinma are the ideal kokolet , i disagree with chidinma and shona been the ideal kokolet because been an ideal kokolet everything about you must be good and u must have a good quality .chidinma is pretty but she cannot express herself.shona is too loud. bola and rita is the ideal woman in that koko mansion

  20. Shona, God will bless you. You are the best, you will get my vote any day any time. My family love you so much.

  21. Rita your juju will soon expire, you can also call your usual person to renew it for you. God will expose you soon.

    • monday or whatever u call ur name, u said rita brought juju to the mansion i cant really blame u idiot. if u dnt like rita that doesnt mean that u should be chatting rubbish about her without looking at ur fucking self. even if she brought JUJU to the mansion that doesnt concern u bloding fool.

  22. Shona,chidinma, and bola are the best, but shona is the ideal woman. She've got all it takes to be an ideal woman, she's homely, caring, focused, pretty, interligent, creative, indusrous, acomodative,got sence of humor, loving, kind, cheerful, humble, truthful and sincere, etc. May God bless you Shona.

  23. most of those old cargo are lying about their age,they should try to be real cos they are not matured enuf to be an ideal woman

  24. This is bias men. Why are all the pretty ones igbos and edo while the those from other tribes look Razz? This is biased as hell

  25. God bless u Dbanj. i dont vote Rita bcos of pity bt she is ideal in every way. She is REAL. I like Shona too bt she's not completely open, she' is acting bcos she understad people are watching and her parent warned her to represent them in a perfect way bt this show is nt abt acting. Bolanle has heard so much preaching, and is exposed, seems to know how and what to do in order to win, but is she REALLY being herself or acting to win ? She seems to have wokable solution for every problem uuuuuhh!!!!! say no more. Chidima, how people change so quick. I AM NOT ASHAME TO SAY I AM RITA`S FAN. SHE HAS BEEN THE ONLY CONSISTENT KOKOLET SINCE THE START OF THE SHOW. Dbanj, world leaders attend meetings, address the world in thier languages, Rita cannot speak good grammer but I will be at peace if Rita has to reprent me anywhere in the world. Can we say the same of the other girls ? Especially when the going get tough !!!

  26. Rita is the apple of africa and the ideal lady for every successful man. D,banj, money is not everything in life and education is not the full package of life, Rita the kokolette is an inspiration and role modern for african ladies. the show is now talking about earning point which will count towards the final stage, nigerians show bizs for once be honest with what you are doing so that, the world will respect and value us, go girl, go on Rite you are already a winner. my wife and i love you, we are both pride of you.

  27. Shona is the ideal lady. I have watched her from the beginning of the show and can categorically say that she has ticked all the boxes. She has leadership qualities, she is beautiful, domesticated, hard working , intelligent, caring, humble, assertive, matured. I can go on and on. She is the reason I watch Koko Mansion. I love her very much and everybody in my family as well as my friends love her and beleive that she is the one. After watching her for five weeks I am convinced she can represent NIgeria any time, any where.


  29. D banj i hail u 4 this koko mansion show,trust me and believe me RITA she is the best in koko mansion.

    Come to think of it,a woman that is really really ready to put her self down to learn,YOU & I know that such womanshe is much more BETTER than the women that think they knows too much. Cuase rita she's got the potencials of an ideal woman. Thanks

  30. Hope this is the first and last show of Kokomasion, because dis show was not well define at the begin and this has led to most fans wasting their money to vote 4 people who their election will later be determine by the task they perform in the house. Please nigerias can you once allow demoncracy to take his full cause in what ever we are doing.

  31. I regret watching this show from the beginning, I thought it was like other show in united kingdon and USA where the viewers will always have the final say. Bye to KoKoKo ojoro

  32. Dbanj, when u want to start this programme u told us that u want and ideal woman and a kokolette. Now when the programme is going to an end u now turn it to be a woman that can speak a can represent nigeria, but u did not think of this before you said u want an ideal woman. U have gotten the ideal woman now (Rita) u want to give her luck to another person, to tell u it is unfair and God will not forgive for doing that.

    Don't let people push u the right ideal woman and the kokolette as already emerge (Rita) let her have what god has already has in stock for her.

    Rita you are the winner God has ordained it, no shaking.

  33. Dbanj

    You are now in the PDP cacus that turns election upside down. You said those people outside country are looking at the ladies in ur koko massion, but this same people are looking at u to see what u want to do so disappoint them because if you do any programme you put up again noboby will be intrested in watching so do what is right.

    Your ideal woman and kokolette is Rita.

    I love Rita and all member of my household.

  34. Dbanj, wow, I said so, RITA IS D REAL IDEAL KOKOLETTE. Shona will do anything provided the price is right, (PROBABLY) including selling Dbanj if the price is right, she will MARRY a citizen to stay in a country and DIVORCE later……NO INTEGRITY……SHAME considering REBRANDING!!!, BOLANLE SNAKEY, BOSSY AND MRS READY MADE ANSWER !!! , CHIDIMA …. If we are voting for beauty I will vote for her, but she is LAZY…VERY LAZY AND SNEAKY (DBANJ, I THINK SHE LIKES YOU, BE CAREFUL, (I HAVE WATCHED THE PROGRAMME FROM THE START AND I HAVE ACCESS TO TV AT WORK SO I KNOW WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT. I dont know any of this girl personally, THEY INTRODUCED THEMSELVES AND SINCE WE ARE LOOKING FOR IDEAL, THEN RITA MY CHOICE.100%.

  35. An Ideal woman, is THE woman, that is not perfect but her husband will be happy to go home to after a hectic day. I SEE THAT IN RITA.

  36. hey rita dear sweetheart,i want you to keepon praying,please believe in your self like you use to do.ve confidense on yourself,i believe you will win try and do your best,baba god dey your side ok,love you girl.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Hi. I've been watching this great Nigerian show and I must say that we all love it in Ireland. Its very unique and fresh. The most deserving winner is Rita. She never had an opportunity and she's pushing hard to triumph. The other girls are very fake and I believe that all Nigerians would agree with me. On behalf of all the Irish people, we are voting for Rita to win. Thanks.

  38. Rita Rita Rita workin within media industry with different kind of language make me realise and respect people that respect their background and where they comes from – in fact your English is 98% better than European Prime Ministers. Even in UK 85% British speak English 15% speak disaster English, 40% can't read or write so RITA go 4 & leave English out of it u talk sense, u deserve 2 win

  39. Actually, out of the four contestant standing, only Rita fits perfectly into an ideal Nigerian woman but her grammar is such a gr8 challenge, Bola can also fit in, so I think Bola should go for it and Rita be the first runner up and should be given something tangible to walk away with.

  40. heey, people that have been voting for Rita, i send my greetings to u all and God blessings for everyone of u for knowing the truth. D,banj thank u for such a show, God we reward ur pockets.

    from my humbleself

    Elvis, Holland based millionair

  41. the obivious winner was either Rita or Shona and if not mistaken Rita had the most votes where Bolanie came from it was all a surprise! Those votes were rigged right in front of our eyes. its sad! Well Miss B Congratulations! got nothing against u babe.


  42. congrat miss bee, ur kind, open mind, and every good quality to be an ideal woman. may god bless u and be strong with every challenge. don't change be ur self because life is full of sheet and evil. i love u so much.

  43. i love rita too, i know communication skill is only thing let her down, but please dbanj take care of her try to envolve her with activities in your office or your friend office so she can manage her life and even go to school as her dream is , she is ideal woman and kind, please dbanj take good look at her otherwise her life will be not success.

  44. Rita is the ideal woman but cannot really represent Nigeria as she cannot speak English. This is very important because already people abroad believe that our education is cheap and without hardwork. Otherwise Rita is the real winner!!!!!!!!!!

    • I get angry when I hear people talking about English language, Great world leaders speak their NATIVE LANGUAGE IN MEETINGS AND DON'T GET PENALISE FOR IT. THE SHOW WAS ABOUT IDEAL AFRICAN WOMAN, NOT BEST ENGLISH SPEAKER, DBANJ SHOULD DO ANOTHER SHOW AND TITLE IT "OMO ALE" MEANING BASTERD, its only in Nigeria I see people who are not proud of their culture!!!!!!

  45. I don't know any of the girls, personally, I watched the prgram frm start to end, and Rita was OBVIOUSLY THE WINNER. I WONDER WHY DBANJ WARNED THE CAMERA CREW NOT TO FOCUS ON THE LAPTOP WHEN THEY WERE VIEWING THE RESULT. ANYWAY, GOD SEES ALL THINGS!!! AND WHAT GOES ROUND TENDS TO COME ROUND!!!!!! IF BONLALE REALLY WON GOD SEES OR IF THE VOTES WERE MANIPULATED, GOD SEES AS WELL. The only annoying thing is that DBANJ should have told us he was looking for BUSINESS ASSOCIATE in which case BOLA would have been great.

  46. I am pleased that Bolanle won. Whatever other viewers may say about her 'fakeness' or originality. She may or may not be an ideal woman in reality but acted out what an ideal African woman should be.

    On public TV she was calm and controlled and held her view from the beginning to the end that it was a 'game'. Hence whether she won or not she had a protective factor against disappointment. Of course she expressed the desire to win and made no pretence about it.

    Thus played the game appropriately. I do not see why Bolanle should be criticized for being open minded about the same reason why the others were on the show which was to win! I doubt whether we know any of the contestants well enough in real life to say who was real or not. Bolanle was the lucky one.

    Lets wish her well and hope that we as individuals are as fortunate in our endeavours as life is not always fair!

  47. Hi baby chidinma u have a good plan 4 ur self,but remember to come up with a brand new style,but figured out ur

    age better,ur beauty with a chamming eye . i am a guy of 22yrs but i no ur are older than me,but it don't count,ur can email me if u care bye make ur dream to come ture.

  48. my name is obinna am in danemark i love you My father Dr.Williams David who was the Deputy General Manager with CNPC Oil Company in nigeria l love you


  49. i love shona i would have wanted her to win but it is a pity that they gave it to d person that did not win i dont believe that bola won the reality show but i know that even if they did not give it to ,shona she will go places she will make it in life because she is very inteligent


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