Karen Igho Of Nigeria, and Zimbabwe’s Wendell Parson, Win Big Brother Amplified


The finale of probably the biggest and most dramatic show series in Africa, Big Brother Amplified just aired and with that comes the announcement of the winner, which the season ends up being Karen Igho, and Wendell Parson

Both winners end up with $200,000 each, and if past winners are any indication, numerous opportunities to grow in the entertainment industry.

Luclay, Karen, Vina, Hanni, Sharon O, Lowne and Wendall were the final 7 contestants who stood a chance of winning the grand prize with both Karen & Vina representing Nigeria.

The live show also featured performances from Mo’Cheddah, WizKid, Fally Ipupa, and the Big Brother Amplified Dance crew.

In order Vina was evicted first, followed by Hanni from Ethopia, and then in a strange twist, Big Brother instructed all the remaining participants to leave the house. Shortly after that, Sharon O from Uganda was evicted, and then came Lowne from Malawi. The final 3 standing were Karen, Luclay & Wendall.

In the final moments, Luclay was eliminated in what seems to be the biggest shocker of the series. Luclay from South Africa was a fan favorite along with Karen.

Finale Video:

Congratulations to winners, Karen & Wendell. It was definitely a long road.

Here is the break down of the votes by country:

Karen: 6 country votes – Nigeria, Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania

Wendall: 4 country votes – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya

Luclay: 2 country votes – South Africa, Botswana

Lomwe: 1 country vote – Malawi

Sharon O: 1 country vote – Uganda

Hanni: 1 country vote – Ethiopia

Vina: 0 Country Votes.

Drop you thoughts… Who do you think should’ve won in the final 7 of this season’s Big Brother Amplified.


  1. What happened to Luclay?that was a major upset,seeing Wendall win over Luclay is quite surprising because the pilot delivered zero level entertainment compared to the very loud and dynamic luclay.Karen is a well deserving winner

  2. Congratulations our boy Wendell Parson.. I love you my home boy.. Sorry for the H.A.T.E.R.S.¤¤¤¤

  3. wonders shall never end! Wendall wins instead of luclay. I knew karen will win am not suprise. But wendall, with God all things are possible!

  4. You haters must start voting, you don't even vote and yet you are the first to complain. Karen and Wendall deserved the money. If you don't vote you get nothing. Well done homeboy Wendall.

  5. i didnt watch the whole fucking big bro’ thing,it was boring,just i browes on the internet reading paragraphs,last time i checked LOMWE was rockin!; bt now is walkin!!

  6. Big brother really surprisd me.I wonder why Luckley didnt win d price,Wendell neva cöntributd anytin 2 d house,yet he won,am yet 2 recover 4rm d shock.

  7. No. Wendall? Hard to believe… but i guess it is votes that count. Luclay not winning? Wow… This is crazily amplified i should say.

  8. in my own opinion big brother purposely decleared wendell as a winner, so as to compensate zimbabwe for munya's loss in the last edition.

  9. Karren i knew u gon win. Congrattt gurll. Biggie! Dis is wat we kald ojoro in 9ja cuz Wendall is so bored. Ok we gon colect Wendall money n giv it 2 failed Actor Luclay…lmao. Sowi Luclay

  10. Well done homeboy Wendell! U’ve done us proud… Haters, swallow and digest that coz nothing wil change. Karen, congrats! Nigeria, u ar gd at ths game!

  11. I seriously or frankly believe that Luclay should win the prize. Well I guess, it’s okay bcause I believe God knows best and have a basis for every things.kudos to Queen Karen and king Wendall,


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