I Miss Those Days… Our No-Computer Love Days…

  • Whatever happened to those good ‘ol traditional days when the glory of technology has never seen limelight? The good ‘ol days before our conventional ways was put in the dark… Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The time when communicating verbally and expressing your feelings mutually wasn’t conveyed virtually …Whatever happened to our love?!
  • A pinnacle when only the privilege had an exclusive access to a Pager, a Mobile Phone or Computer, but still didn’t deter the less privileged from caring so much about each other… Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The period when a young teenage boy sat down during his idle time, picked up a pencil and a sheet of paper and jot down the way he felt about this young pretty innocent girl he has a super bionic crush on in his English as a Second Language class, and timelessly monitor her every move just to find that opportunity to place the lovely heartfelt note in her backpack while she excuses herself to the bathroom . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Those moments when the only choice and option a Brother had in tracking down a very well endowed Sister on Campus was to creep on her secretly for the sole purpose of knowing what dorm she abodes, and maybe send a “secret admirer” card/ flower in front of her room . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Duration when you call an opposite sex after 9:00pm, and (with all due respect) their obnoxious, overprotective Father yells and dish out curse(s) at you like you have been starving for some for ages . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The Generation “old school” perhaps, when you visited a platonic friend or potential lover, and their Cat, Dog, Tiger or Monkey which might be named Tom, Bingo, Jerry or Bonobo respectively, makes every attempt and effort to get your overindulging buttocks out of the house because a stranger is diverting and sharing the attention they barely get . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • An era when you would crawl, jog, walk, swim, bike, drive or fly (if you be Mami-water), to a significant others neighborhood, throw a piece of rock on their window so they can sneak out of the house, spend quality time together, and maybe do a “lil quickie,” behind the bushes before the nosy neighbor interrupts . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The zenith when greetings, notes or poems transmitted from 123greetings.com or passionup.com meant the world . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Before the inception of Skype, Chat rooms, hi5, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Iphone, BlackBerry, Foursquare, and other social networks . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Before the genesis of inactive, online, offline, likes, tweet, retweet, ping, available, signoff, logoff, shutdown, blowoff, carrygo . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • That time where every status, likes, pokes on Facebook don’t mean jack, the time when a Youtube Video cant even directly, indirectly or proportionally relate to someone or the redundant 160words tweets on twitter that gives an intense analysis of the story of your life, because these things then weren’t even in existence . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Before the number of friends you have on these social networks determines how famous you are, or the number of events you accept justifies how cool you are . . . Whatever happened to our love?!

Unfortunately technology has robbed us off our sense of caring, loving, friendship, and empathy. In this case, it is fair to say globalization, modernization, civilization, westernization or whatever terminology you use, have caused more harm than good.

How can a tool give you the option of who you want to be friends with? We all rant about not judging a book by its cover, but most folks nowadays technically take a deep dive into a person’s page = life, go through there pictures, friends, comments, tags, notes or what have you, before making that ultimate decision to ‘add as friend.”

Nowadays you hear folks lamenting about haters, making online threats, and pretty much acting like computer thugs. It even gets very interesting and shocking to say the least, when someone “likes” your every comment, post, notes, pictures, blah blah, and will just act like a total stranger in public. Aint that a ‘female dog?!’

No wonder this generation, the so called “Generation Y,” is crankier, confused, greedy, lazy, proud, impatient, and insecure than the past generations. Intimacy is on the decline, while breakups are on the incline. Of course, you will lose your boyfriend or girlfriend to that prey that sleeps on these networks, flirting with your partner behind your back.

This is not to say am not as guilty as the million rest, but it is just to point out the less obvious or otherwise, so we all could improve in this areas. Skype is cool, but a meeting at Starbucks is cooler. Text messages with smiley faces are fancy, but cute short note sent by the postman will mean much more. Stalking/Checking on someone you miss on Facebook is tight, but calling them and letting them know how you feel will be much appreciated.

Lets rekindle this old love!!!


  1. I agree with u totally…..we no longer appreciate r/ships since we are just a ping away from each other.Guys no longer sweat to get a girl,once they get her pin,they can kick it off from there….how sad.the Blackberry remains the number 1 relationship killer of all times.

  2. Its all about preservation my friend…….
    U are in control of whatever happens in your life most of the time… God has given us that choice….
    Im not on twitter, facebook or face me i face u…. lol!!!!!!
    Hell i didnt even get a BB cos i prefer talking more than texting and sending emails and stuff….. (and i be software test analyst o!!!)
    When need be i use the relevant technology i need…. and that is still by choice….
    In life everything must be done in moderation or else we lose our self in the frenzy of this generation…..
    Even drinking water too much isnt good for u…. u get the picture…..
    People even have virtual pets now, what happened to getting a dog and all or a fish….? so its a matter of choice…..
    technology has its advantages, a lot actually but one has to just know when to use it for the better good while preserving those joys we had in the past that really made us human….. im still living tghem so im human…. hehehehe….

    Great article… makes u think…..

  3. i totally agree…. You get to dat point where you actually want to hear d personz voice and not d dirty sound of one nonsense ping on the ayama blackberry…lol

    Me am still waiting for love letter. Want to get all giddy and tinz from a piece of paper….lol

  4. You said it all. It's the truth.. Nice…

    Plus hear hear to the last paragraph!!

    But as iTalk said, everything is about moderation…

    "Computer thugs" got me rolling…

  5. What we give (& how we communicate) in relationships is our personal choice. So, as many as love the old time relationship module, should make a conscious effort to do (exhibit) them.

    However, and of much more importance is, are we TRULY ready to accept these old time relationship modules from him/her? FOOD FOR THOT


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