How We Met; The Wedding Story

wedding story

So there I was, logging on to atutupuyo-weds-johnbosco dot com and ready to read the ever so interesting “How We Met” story. As per these are my peeps, I was interested to read what each of them would write down as their version of how they met. What was actually going through each other’s minds when they met. I know how they met, but I still wanted to read.

Lo and behold I go there, and I see we met through a “mutual friend” who introduced us. *cough* The mutual friend nah Jack Dorsey? Cos I distinctly remember that first tweet, and the tweet reply. Shortly after there were DMs, BB pins exchanged, then skype, then phone number, and next thing we have some flight reservations. I was there with my guy all through this setting P process. So the thing tire me, as I just saw “mutual friend” there.

But then I thought about it. There are a lot of relationships in 2015 that start out from either facebook or twitter or BBM groups sef, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s totally allowed in 2015. Nothing to be ashamed of, but the thing wey dey tire me nah when you read that “how we met” story and the gist is just completely repackaged for love story part 1.

Those of us wey meet babe for party go talk say we meet them for banquet, or dinner party. If you met at Naija reunion, it’s conference, and facebook, BBM, twitter are all categorized into “mutual friends.”

I mean I understand that we all want to have one romantic story of how we met our significant other, but really nothing spoil if you just say “One day I was on facebook looking at pictures of my friend’s party and saw a very pretty girl. I sent her a friend request, and she accepted. We exchanged messages for a while, and started getting along pretty well. Shortly after I asked her out on a date and the rest is history.

Is anything wrong with that story? lol. I mean it’s it’s 2015 man. 1/5 relationships in today’s world started online, and so aint no shame in the game for real. If nah facebook, twitter, BBM, Hi5, Myspace, skype, etc wey una meet, just put am there. Nothing spoil.

Me I’m secretly waiting for the day I’ll see the full complete story of two people who met online in the wedding story…or maybe I’ll just call some people out in their comments sections. 🙂

Anyways, make una yarn me. If you met your husband/wife via the online setting P methods, would you say so? I’d really like to know



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