How Smartphones Revolutionized Nigerian Music?

How Smartphones Revolutionized Nigerian Music? [Photo Credit:]

Over a decade ago, only about 100,000 phone lines were active in Nigeria, and most of them were state-owned landlines. Today, Nigeria has over 100 million phone lines, making the country the telecommunications market in Africa. As a result, Nigerian music artists no longer need promo campaigns, or a record company to reach a big audience of Nigerians locally and in the Diaspora.

Where it would have been days or months for a song to travel from Lagos to Abuja, smartphones have made it easier to spread afrobeat globally. The increasing availability and speed of broadband in Lagos with the sudden proliferation in smartphone technology have brought computing power in the pockets of millions of Nigerians.

Over the last five years, data and 100gb sim cards has become more accessible through people’s mobile phones, makingit easy to buy or download music. That makes a huge difference for Nigerian music, especially considering that the locals are heavy internet users. Nigerians also love tweeting about songs, sharing on Snapchat and other social media platforms. 

In Nigeria, Whatsapp is the biggest social media platform, with millions of users using it to share betway betting tips, chat with friends and also for business. Artists and promoters are also taking advantage of the platform to send new music and party invitesto dedicated group chats. That ignores traditional media channels and makes it easy for artists to establish a close connection with their fans and supporters.

While the digitization of music is making some of the upcoming artistes to rely on betway nigeria to make extra money due to low sales, live shows are now a big deal. As such, smartphones have become a vital tool in this sector as artistes can use them to control their social media images just like their counterparts in the UK and the US.

With smartphones being more affordable than laptops in Nigeria, the growth of mobile technology is disseminating their music to a global scale. It also brings new types of music from all over the world to Nigeria, inspiring new tunes and styles that resonate with audiences all over the world. For instance, while Nigerian music has been dominating the African market in the last five years, local establishments still play trap beats from Atlanta though they are just like anything locally produced.

The development of various music apps for smartphones has also contributed to the growth of Nigerian music. Today, you don’t need to hum the new Nigerian song to everyone to know the artist or name of the song. With services like Shazam identifying almost every popular song in the world, fans can easily discover new songs by holding their phone to listen while the song is playing on a radio. That makes it easy to know what to search for when buying or downloading songs.

Music applications such as Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music have also supported the growth of Nigerian music though curated playlists that help users discover new artists. In some cases, songwriters and artists can also advertise their songs on these platforms to get more fans who mainly access the music through their phones.


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