Here’s To Being Nigerian And Our Awesome Relationship With Cable TV


We love to admit; being Nigerian has to be our favorite thing like brown paper packages tied up with strings. Yay, you remember sound of music right? Who doesn’t? It’s only in Nigeria that there is that one house we all use to know if there is light at home. Where else would you receive a phone call like “guy abeg light dey house?” and when the answer comes back negative which it does most of the time, a ninja follow up comes “When dem take the light?” like we can use the almighty formula to know when power will be back. Let’s be frank, our experiences fill up endless pages.

You see, a true Nigerian knows how to unwind. Have you asked why there is traffic on Saturdays? Ah, we love to turn up and even when we can’t, the spoil yourself crazy option is always open. With a remote in one hand, food in the other and your eyes fixed on the TV, magic is made.


In a typical Nigerian Home, The TV is serious matter; so serious that back then as kids, you could get sent to bed if you make noise when daddy is watching the ‘Network News.’ These days, kids will seize the remote because of cartoon, the ladies will send everyone to their phones because of Telemundo and Africa Magic but when the boys get a chance, it’s all hail SuperSport especially when some stakes have been made *winks*
So you’ve got the remote and it is on those days your club decides to start losing right from the first half and you wish you could get into the TV and play it yourself…


Sometimes, it’s not even the tension from the heartbreak, PHCN might just decide to do what they love, the Cable TV might just take forever to load (some say you can boil a pot of beans with the time) or worse still, your cable subscription is out and your heart is in your mouth. It’s at these times that comes to the rescue.
This video says it all, you should watch it.


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