“I Grew Up Poor” American Rap Star, Wale Explains Why He’s Never Been To Nigeria Until Now



US rapper Wale in a radio chat with Tolu Oniru(Toolz) on Beat FM Lagos said the reason he’s never been to Nigeria until now was because his parents, who are both from Ondo state, were so poor they couldn’t afford a bring him to Nigeria but he’s happy to finally be at home.

“I grew up poor. We lived in DC, in the projects. Getting a ticket to Nigeria on $20, 000 income yearly, to my family that wasn’t really… you know…like I was a 15 year old with a decent job, I’m not going to save up to go to Nigeria. That wasn’t what I was thinking when I was that age. And then I was in college and the money tight right then. And then I get this record deal when I dropped out of school, you’re running around so much you don’t even have time to see your own parents”

Welcome home son! 🙂



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