Empress Njamah is a Thief – Timaya Accuses


It’s no secret the whole saga between Timaya and his ex-lover Empress Njamah, and if you’re not abreast of what has been going on, let’s just say that they’ve had a not-so-cordial, and very public break up.
The award winning Nigeria singer and songwriter, Timaya in a recent interview with a journalist erroneously called Empress Njamah names, referring to her as a thief who he gave some money to purchase a car only for her to squander the money on frivolities. He so labeled her to the extent that the journalist who was not going to dig in too deep into their strained relationship was left with no option than to further press him to open more on the crack amorous affair and why she was referred to as a thief.

In his words, “Empress is not that important to talk about. I gave her money to buy a car, she didn’t buy it, she was always driving my car before we broke up and I went to collect my car back not the money I gave her to use in buying the car. So, she is like a thief. We were dating and I gave you money to buy a car and you didn’t buy it instead you were using my car and since we’re not dating again she should be able to return my car now. During our courtship, I once told her that I don’t like feeling like a fool. Nobody likes to be talking for a suck, she took me as one but I fought it” Timaya revealed.

Empress has remained pretty tight-lipped over her break up with Timaya, esp after Timaya and his thugs were said to have stormed her church, abused the pastor and harassed people in the vineyard.

An anonymous mutual friend of the highly controversial couple, Empress & Timaya exclusively had a chat with reporters on the on-going love scandal about the estranged lovers, and didn’t hesitate to jump on Timaya.

“Calling Empress a thief is derogatory and it’s nothing but an attempt to assassinate the character of the beautiful actress, Empress. Empress is a Nollywood actress who is quite doing well, fine; they both might have dated before and in the course of this might have given each other gifts or anything, that, of course does not warrant them calling each other’s names. Over what! There’s nothing absolutely wrong in one driving his or her lover’s car. What has he (Timaya) done that is new under this heaven? Is he the only man that will give his lover money to buy a car before? How much did he give to Empress that is making him to bark like a mad dog…? Well, to my knowledge, the money giving to Empress was not enough to buy a car of her choice, so she fixed the money and started saving towards getting a car of her choice without bothering her so called lover. Timaya is nothing but a kiss and tell person who still needs to be fed with baby milk so as to get some nourishment do develop his sense of maturity.” She concluded

Timaya just dropped his 4th album, last week and has been buzzing all over the radio waves for all the right reasons. We sincerely hope these two can move past their obviously sour relationship and move on to bigger and better things. It’s not like, they have it as bad as 9ice and Toni Payne (+Rugged Man)

Source: Nigeria Films


    • Guy na poorvatey the warry timmaya..him too the make mouth..abi him no fuck that baby…him the as of car…as him give the baby money to use buy car maybe the baby need the money to do anothers for her self…Mr timmaya your car dom follow the love go!!!!!

      • Agree with you Michael and also with Empress she said ' Timaya is nothing but a kiss and tell person who still needs to be fed with baby milk so as to get some nourishment do develop his sense of maturity.”

  1. mr timaya, how could you embarass your self in public like this, abi u no know say love don chop the car useless man

  2. Mr Timmay,anything you do for a woman when two of you is in love,after the love gos all thing follow am go…Just foeget the car God dom make you big boy ok

  3. aberipapa of bayelsa. y u like to dey open yr wide mouth, say empress na thief. u nko u no bi thief. a beg go an fall inside river niger make we hear u word. mumu

  4. Mr timaya,notin do u, de girl self dey craze,she tink say u bi fool,nawahoo 4 njamanzeoo!! she no no say u bi papa 1 of bayelsa, nobody fit chop ur ego,say u bi money itself.Go collect ur money back ejooO!! bt eh,u too dey boost no bi only u get moneyoo!!.

  5. Timaya no mind dey becos u’re feeling so fly da.res why dey wan kill ur carrier wit rumor against u …ur are a ruler so waka bam bam coz anything u do ino …consign dem cannibals….

  6. Timaya u no no say u be celeb say people wan make u fuck up make dem fall ur hands,u suppose to dey use ur head as u dey role wit her u go cari all ur heart give am no be so na, e don happen be say e don happen.shon d vas for am.get me if u care.08037366135

  7. timaya shud stop soilin d name of empress, cuz d way he talks i knw he stil cares bout her. No b e mate dey buy houses 4 chicks wen e dey mak noise bcos of moto wen e no complete d moni

  8. Timaya na wa 4 u y u dey fall ur hand no b u b 1st person 2 buy girl car so why u dey make noise.u no knw say u don pass that level. Call me 4 ur fatherly advice 08189400233

  9. Bros timmy men u fuck up who @ Ūя̲̅ advisors sef.don’t u realise you Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ the book dat the world reads and a model 4 D̶̲̥̅̊ pple.particularly, the upcoming musicians, this is not a good foundation at all. Whatever it is always take it like a man.As 4 empress, I expect Ɣ☺ΰ to know better than to allow an unrefined xter soil ur rep.look@ where greed has gotten u. A big lesson sis.

  10. if the girl herself no be gold digger, why she no tell timaya say this money no go buy the car wey she want, my own blv self, she no get money on her own, men he no easy to make money, una wey dey make some yeye comment here una never taste such thing like been treated as a fool.


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