With the expanding prominence of eCommerce stores, a rising number of individuals are going online shopping to satisfy personal cravings. Over a quarter of shoppers shop online each month, according to a recent study by Forrester, especially when they come across a sam’s club promo code.

But some retailers don’t yet have the infrastructure in place to support this kind of online commerce. As a result, customers are faced with a confusing shopping experience: many shoppers struggle to find the item they want online and must return to a brick-and-mortar store to get it, often getting angry and frustrated over the entire process.

Optimizing eCommerce Stores with more customer engagement

How can a retailer overcome this dilemma? According to researchers at Purdue University and the University of Pennsylvania, the answer lies in eCommerce’s one true asset: customer service.

To help retailers better serve their customers, Purdue and Penn researchers studied the different types of communication and communication channels that customers use when shopping online. They used a unique methodology to survey online shoppers to discover which of their core communications channels were most important to them.

The study found that, in general, consumers engage in three types of communication: customer service, product information, and product review. They also found that the most important communication channels for eCommerce retailers are customer service and product review.

In other words, customer service and product review are the first two communication channels that consumers generally reach for. The reason for this may be simple: customers need to get in touch with their favorite retailers for help and assistance with buying, selling, or having anything to do with their favorite products. Moreover, product reviews are considered an important tool for measuring customer satisfaction. They can assist businesses in measuring the effectiveness of their product marketing strategy and as a result, in creating a viable product and marketing strategy.

Conducting online market research

Market research is the process of gathering information about your customers through different sources (online surveys, surveys of consumers by phone, and in-person interviews) to gain insight into their needs and interests and your business’s products and services. It is vital that you obtain objective information about your customers and how they perceive your services so that you can achieve optimum results. Without sufficient and clear information about your customers, your marketing strategy will not succeed. This study helps you understand what people need from you in order to make an informed choice on buying your product or services. In addition, we will help you to get a complete picture of your customer base, your product offering, and your competitors and compare your results with your competition.


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