To Dbanj; The Voice Of A Fan


Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as D’Banj, a.k.a Bangali, a.k.a Koko Master, a.k.a Eja Nla, a.k.a…enough with the a.k.a Abeg! You already get the gist; the guy has a lot of names and has done well for himself by remaining relevant after a decade in the music industry.

D’Banj’s divorce from Don Jazzy’s Mo’Hits Record, now Mavins, is probably one of the biggest sagas to hit the Nigerian music and entertainment scene in recent times. Through their collaboration both became household names and had a track record for making fantastic music. I mean wherever you saw one with his harmonica, you saw that other with his fancy staff (Walking stick). As you all may agree, there are two sides to a story and D’Banj’s exit from the record label meant a divide among the fan base that had been built overtime.

While many may disagree on grounds of loyalty that D’Banj should have never left, I’m totally indifferent about the idea. One thing that remains certain though is the fact that an individual must be willing to leave their comfort zone in other to pursue greatness. Google the word metamorphosis… In short, it’s when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly and takes flight. Compare the entertainer’s achievements from his time with Mo’Hits and the era after his exit and decide for yourself which has recorded more success.

No doubt his music game has changed as Jazzy’s touch of magic is no longer felt. He has not dropped monstrous hits like Oliver Twist, Tongolo or Why Me that dominated airwaves and remained on a looping playlist for many. However his overall success as a brand has exploded beyond the borders of Nigeria… scrap that… Africa. What other artiste in Naija has achieved the feat this young entrepreneur has dared? From his endorsement deals with G.O.O.D Music, Sony Entertainment, to becoming an ambassador for Bank of Industry and Ciroc, to championing a TED talk, and ultimately putting the Beats By Dre cherry on top of the icing. Given his drive and ambition, it is safe to say that this fellow isn’t done yet.

A lot of people simply relying on unfounded speculations are still dumbfounded as to the true reasons behind his departure from Mo’Hits Record. Well ponder no more as the Truth has been revealed by Olisa Adibua who did a very good job probing these questions that have been begging for answers for quite some time now.

Come to think of it, either D’Banj’s departure from his former label is admired or frowned upon is really none of my business. I’ve got my own bills to pay…But, I AM STILL A FAN.



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