Dbanj To Launch New Reality Show – The Next Entertainer


With his Koko mansion success, it’s no surprise that Dbanj would want to host another reality show. This guy is becoming much more than a musician in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Guess why he’s The Entertainer. Big Ups to him for real. It no easy @ all.

This time, the TV reality show has nothing to do with finding his ideal kokolette… Nope. It’s about finding “the next entertainer”. Almost like a making the band, but with only one winner. We definitely can’t wait to see this show… more esp the initial auditions. So Dbanj, Don Jazzy, Mo-hitts, HiTv… or whoever is in charge of running the initial auditions, please make sure you record it for our entertainment. 🙂

Also Dbanj is said to be shuttling between Nigeria and some Asian countries for his much talked about Koko Mobile which will soon hit the Nigerian market.

Stay tuned on jaguda.com (we say that like it’s a tv channel…lol) we’ll definitely keep u posted on what’s next with the show.


  1. please when is the audition for koko mansion 2011 coming up? I really want to come for the audition. Thanks.


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