Dating a Russian Woman: Obvious Advantages and Drawbacks


You will hardly find a man who has nothing heard about fairy-tale beauties from cold and gloomy Russia. Notwithstanding the whole coldness of this country, the girls have cheerful character and smart mind, attracting the men from all over the world. As every nation, Russian girls have their own peculiarities, so it is necessary to know main pros and cons of dating a Russian woman.

What obvious advantages can you find in dating a Russian woman?

You can admire your partner.

If you think about dating a Russian girl, you already know about their natural beauty. What can be better than to wake up and to fall asleep in a company of an amazing girl?

You will be taken care of.

A Russian woman knows how to surround her man with love and tenderness and makes him feel comfortable, starting with a company and a common house. By the way, you will not have just a house but a very cozy home. Making a sweet nest is a wonderful feature of their nature. In addition, Russian ladies are very loyal and wise.

You will get more than just a girlfriend.

Have you ever thought that an ideal relationship is based on not only love but also a friendship? This is a person who will try to understand you and support in every situation, giving a helpful piece of advice or just listening to you. Friendship is highly evaluated for a Russian woman, especially in the relationship because you are in the same boat. Don’t you want to have a beloved person and a loyal friend in a single person?

You will not be bored.

Russian women are quite active, they are always involved in some sports, like running, swimming, hiking, riding or just some active games. They think that life is too short to spend it behind a closed door. Russian girls have a quite good sense of humor and cheerful minds.

You will try her culinary delights.

Russian cuisine is famous all over the world by its numerous dishes and it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t like it. Russian women use only fresh products and cook only organic dishes that are nutritious and delicious. As a rule, girls start getting their cooking skills from the childhood. Can you imagine that in the morning you will wake up thanks to the wonderful flavor of pancakes?

You have chances to find your one and only.

Russian girls are open for everything new as well as for dating. So, if you want to win the heart of some beauty, you have all chances to do that. Just do not hesitate to ask a Russian girl out.

Nevertheless, you can face some challenges, dating a Russian girl. If you really are interested in her and you like each other, you will be able to overcome them quite easily.

You can have a language barrier.

Most of the girls from the big cities speak English but there are also many smaller cities and towns where English is not so popular and girls know it at an elementary level. If you don’t know the Russian language then the language barrier can prevent you from talking fluently.

You can have cultural differences.

As you are of different countries, you will have a quite different vision of the same thing. You will have your own traditions, rules, and standards of behavior that can seem awkward to your partner. You should be open-minded to accept this way of things. It can be exciting.

You can live in Russia.

If you think that every girl will be ready to leave her country and it is her biggest dream, you can be unpleasant surprised by the fact that she can offer you to live in Russia. Despite different troubles in the country, many people love it and don’t want to leave. There are wonderful nature, hospitable people, and her family. So, it would be better to discuss this point in advance if you don’t want to move to Russia.



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