Chidinma Mbalaso Of Koko Mansion Dies In Car Accident At Age 22


Chidinma Mbalaso from the Koko Mansion show died this morning after sustaining serious injuries from a car crash in Kaduna yesterday. She died at 22. She had been in a coma and needed blood, but died before help could come.

It seems like a bad dream because Sharon Ojong also from Koko Mansion was tweeting yesterday asking for anyone in Kaduna who would donate blood for Chidinma. This is very sad.

She made it to the final four of Koko Mansion show.

Her death comes a day after upcoming comedian, CD John also dies in a car crash. Something definitely need to be done about out roads in Nigeria.

RIP Chidinma Mbalaso



  1. I miss ‎​​​Ʊ,I L♥√ع ‎​​​Ʊ bt d worst thing is dat I never got τ̲̅ȍ say goodbye and ‎​​​Ʊ were taken witout warning=[L♥√ع ‎​​​Ʊ alwayz]my favorite Kokolet chidinma

  2. I have been to kaduna sometimes last year, the road that leads to abuja from kaduna is nothing to write home about. Very bad, very very bad. Nigerians vote wisely.
    R.I.P kokolette Chidinma

  3. is it just the road?. how about the health syste?no blood banks? no EMS. just blood. thats just sad,so sad.MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE and her family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  4. May her gentle rest in peace. We really nid to pray cos dis death among dis days is jst too much
    n it’s vry sad.
    May the G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅. Lord protect us all

  5. May her gentle soul rest in peace.
    N we really nid to pray for the youth of today
    N may the gud lord protect us all..

  6. road? Is this d first time nigeria roads will be in bad shape. In one week, three celebs dead?. Our celebs needs ou prayers. Sumtin is wrong somwhr.

  7. dint watch koko mansion…neva heard CD John's jokes till ystdy…buh it still hurts, mann 🙁 DaGrin died arnd dis tym last yr too!!AHH

  8. Our bad roads have really caused a lot of accidents yes….but let’s all try and be careful…especially after all our club nights,shows and concerts……ever been on lekki road,3rd mainland bridge or adeola odeku by 3am?I have,and my heart is always in my mouth cos the road bcomes a race track….y’all try and be careful…if ur not dere,someone else will be…have a wonderful wkend.

  9. Let us be realistic here, we cannot be putting the blame on the government all the time, although the roads are bad but She is a young girl with inexperience driving skill, does she even have a license and did she even had a driving lesson….May her gentle soul Rest in Peace!

  10. It’s so sad that we’ve lost such a young talent again.As they say,the grave is filled with talents untapped & dreams that were never achieved.Chi,it’s really sad that your dreams were cut shot by such unfortunate accident
    may your soul rest in perfect peace!!!

  11. It's a pity that such a pretty ambitious soul lie waste. As for the govt, how would they care when our youths can not speak up and demand what they want from the govt. Everyboby is afraid of the govt. Nothing changes if no one makes a move.

  12. Omg!!! Dis is so sad,deaths n accident everywhere,I had an accident n not on ma feet yet but I thank God…Chi may ur gentle soul rest in d bossom of d gud Lors..”Amen”

  13. Chidinma’s death is a terrible tragedy may her soul rest in peace…blood of the innocence shall not rest until the hunter is been hunted down,welldone govt 4d βα̲̅đ roads..if that okada man had a bera jor or d road are ok or probably all okada’s banned I fink chidi wouldn’t haf been dead by №ω..saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  14. We should condole and not to ask questions about driving lessons and all, may her soul rest in the bosom of the Lord Almighty.

  15. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace… sad, dnt no Ɣ dis s happening arnd our celebs, its jst gettin 2 much. May God put a stop 2 it.

  16. May cd john nd chidima souls rest in the blossom of the lord.its very painful bt God knows best.governments should do somethin abt it

  17. It is really a bad news,l may not have known u personally,but the chidinma l watched on tv was lively,active,full of life,l enjoyed her dancing especially to kelly handsome’s it’s sad.u were a eptiome of beauty personified,RIP.your meories live on.Thumps up.

  18. Its indeed sadening & terrible 2 lose 2 actors within the space of 72 hrs. It goes beyond human imaginatn..God help us

  19. So the administration of the hospital do not have blood in the hospital. Africa, god help us. A hospital suppose to encourage their people to donate blood, in case something like this happens

  20. Another victim of our bad leader governance.
    Hundreds die daily of this same circumstance.
    Its sad that we are yet to do something.

  21. Chidinma,u left so soon. Ur future was bright n bubbling,bt left witout reachin da peak. I miss U,FGGC UMUAHIA GALS miss U,ur frnds miss u. Galfrnd u are da bst. RIP….

  22. A time to be born and a time to die. Sad but ‘Rest in peace’ doesn’t solve matters. It is the life we live on earth that will be judged every man accountable for himself. Hebrews 12v14

  23. A jewel gone too soon, because of societal and govermental failure, no road,no blood in the blood bank,
    may yr gentle soul find peace in the bossom of our lord.R.I.P

  24. It’s a pity! May ur soul rest in peace! How I wish u had someone who would hv advice u not to go with d car urself, death where is ur sting? We love u butGod loves u most! We will miss u in church of God mission! Rip

  25. I feel so sad nd sober! Such a BEAUTY. Y did death av 2 take u away 4rm dis earth? We all love u Chidinma. May ur soul rest in d bossom of the Lord! R I P.

    • chidimma, we are not happy to lost a talented and beautiful girl like u,, every one is sad about ur death , our eyes are full of tears but we dont know what do to retrieve you back to life, although god knows the best , however we all shall meet again someday may ur perfect soul rest in peace also may the good God give ur parents a strong mind to overcome the grave shock that your death might have caused them accept our sympathy amen bye


  27. Na wah o d rate @ which people re dying is getin 2 much… na sometime last yr 4 march na him dagrin die, now 3 celebrites died witin a week in d same month nd same car accident… God help us o…

  28. may ur soul rest in peace!!! we all loved u!!!
    we hope that God will be near to your family in such a difficult moment!!! A DIO….

  29. May ur soul rest in peace. My heart goes to the family, I pray that Holy spirit will comfort and strengthen you at this time of your loss. Amen

  30. It hurts me 2 hear abt ur death….cos i couldnt evn take a last luk at ur face afta i last saw u in sec school(F.G.G.C Umuahia).Sis Chidinma Mbalaso may ur gentle soul rest in peace……(wit tears)gudbye….

  31. may her gentle soul rest in peace.God knows the reason why athing like that happens, but the bad roads we have in nigeria is one of the major reasons why accident do occur.So we should try to vote wisely.My regards to her family

  32. chidima i admire you, you are one of the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, even though i don't know you well but i fell in love with you while watching you in koko mansion. May your soul rest in peace and i know that you are in a better place and you are closer to God. we love you. God bless you. Amen.

  33. It is very sad what is happening? We need 2 do something concerning dis issue of stars*,dyeing premature dead, and suffering in penury! It is very upset to me when I heard this. RIP chydimma and CD JOHN

  34. Death is inevitable, it might be U̶̲̥̅̊ or me no body knowns but we don’t pray 4 dat we all want everlasting life RIP cHYDIMMA, CD JOHN, DaGRIN. We part no more ever green stars!

  35. Its.sad you left us soon.But I’m happy u accepted Jesus Christ.Keep. boaring by d eagles wings.Till. We. Meet again

  36. 2sad anöda star has falin…9jirian govt u wil neva find peace(politian)as lng as dis bad road kils evriday…RIP…CHIKOKOLET

  37. May almighty God 4giv her all her sins, poor 9ja,poor goverment. May soul rest in peace. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIRL. Adeiu***


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