Celebrity Style Profile: TY BELLO


I’ve made it a point to collect the ThisDay STYLE magazines that come with the Sunday newspaper in Naija. As in if I know peeps are going to Naija, that’s one of the things I will ask for [amongst other things, of course!] Now I think I have about more than 20 sitting pretty in my bookshelf, with room for more.

Anyway, while reading and browsing through them, I noticed a name TY BELLO. Then the face that matched the name intrigued me the more. ‘Her eyes are so pretty and her skin is flawless!’ …is what I always thought to myself when I’d see her head shot. After seeing her name more than twice, that’s when the search began. I googled her only to find out that I’d already been familiar with the great TY BELLO, through her photography work, that is! [Check out some of her work photographed below.]

Her work has flooded plenty of websites, magazines and ads that I’ve seen. I had no clue that the person behind the scenes was just as beautiful as the images she shot. So let’s get to why we are here. Yep! You guessed it, to get a closer look at the beautiful TY BELLO and of course, her style!

I’d like to start with her HAIR! She carries her ‘fro well, as in she knows when to let it out and when to tame it. Either way she still looks gorgeous! I read that she adds weave but let’s be honest, it looks hella real to me! So for that Miss Bello, well done and two thumbs up!

Her skin is always looks flawless as she seems to sport minimal make up which is fine because her facial features do enough for her. [Even more than make up can ever do]. Her thick brows are nicely sculpted to frame her face.

I like the fact that she keeps it comfortable and classy. To each his own and this works for her. Not everyone has to be a Lady Gaga look-a-like to gain attention. Miss Bello has a striking look that you don’t see too often so she doesn’t even need to go down that route.

All the magazines that she, herself, has been featured in have done her justice, on all fronts. I especially loved her MANIA cover where she wore red lipstick with a Michael Jackson-esque military jacket. Her hair pinned to the side added some necessary drama to the photo and it worked. The TW cover, where she was photographed with the phenomenal Nneka and Sasha was refreshing as well. I love group shots with celebs, it gives a little insight to their individual style. Have a look and tell me what you think!

This musician and GREAT photographer is making waves in the entertainment industry through her work. I’m sure he look also creates buzz all on its own and rightfully so!

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  1. Yes! She is pretty and also gat a nice taste for her works, including her kind of music.

    ┏̲I̶̲̅┓̲ also commend your work.

    Thumbs up for Jaguda. D real Jaguda for d mata, no dullin’.

  2. ty bello,u inspire me. I googled ur name wit hope 2 fynd out wer u’d ur innate abilities polishd. 4 me its make up and photography.

  3. i think there is something in Ty Bellow noticeably absent in other Nigerian women… pls who will help me tell her to spread this patriotic inspiration to our youth more than she is doing it nw!


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