Celebrity Style Profile: NAETO C


With the release of his newest video for his hit single ‘5 & 6‘, Naeto C proved that levels did indeed change. If you don’t know why, I’ll give you three reasons. One, his look! Two, his main squeeze! And three, the location! I first took notice of his style when he came out with his video for ‘Kini Big Deal‘.

Yup this popular shot of him in that gray suit, black tie and dark shades. He definitely had my attention so it’s only safe to say he had yours as well. [DON’T FRONT]

Now dark shades are a staple for the average Naija guy looking to achieve that BADT GUY look but I personally love the different shapes of glasses Naeto C experiments with. I feel guys should be more open to other styles of shades. Aviators are nice but one dimensional, try something new like the one photographed above.

I personally love any guy that can mix and match colors in his wardrobe. I applaud Naeto C [and if he had one, his stylist] for this look. The blue blazer, orange corduroy pants dressed down with a plain white V-Neck shirt is the way forward for guys. Especially my African men! If you didn’t know, I’ll tell you now, your brown skin tones look hella good against brighter colors like white, mustard yellow or blue. The round frames & brooch is a nice touch as well!

This guy understands the concept of BRANDING! I don’t care what industry you’re in just know that, branding is KEY. Mr Super C has taken the traditional cap and has made it his own. I literally do think of him when I see someone wearing this particular cap [well him and my Uncle B in Ibadan lol]. And it helps that he has them in probably every color.

This was my favorite red carpet look for him. I wrote about it in a previous post and I’ll still rave about it. I’m beginning to think that he likes the color gray. I love the different shades or gray but especially the cut of the jacket and the black trimming. That jacket spoke to me but I digress…

Naeto C has definitely made his statement in the music department but he’s making plenty more in fashion as every artist should. So massive shout out to him for giving us a complete package and also for the first guy to be featured in out Celebrity Style Profile. [wink wink]

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  1. I think Naeto C is beyond any considerable doubts, one of Nigeria’s Top Style Icons. He goes against the norm and comes off looking stylish and elegant. I think he understands his body type and just flaunts it in fitting styles, themes & colours.Needless to say I took a cue from his dress sense!


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