Bubbling Under | SamDee – Iwonikan (Only You)


SamDee, also known as Samuel Ojewale (aka Dare) was born in Osun State, Nigeria. Without wasting any time, he started his musical career as early as “JSS 1” in the halls of Ambassador’s College. His unique tenor voice made students gather around him at break time as he entertained them with music from the artists of the time.
“Back then I wrote rhymes on the school bus just for fun and to stay out of trouble,” SamDee once stated. However, it has become very obvious that he has taken a much more serious approach to the music industry since his boyhood school stardom, as both he and his music skills have continued to grow and mature.
Multitalented as a singer, rapper and producer, SamDee knows his music inside and out. With singles already released like Déjà vu, PartyTime, Omoge Shakara, SeriousTinG and more recently, Iwonikan, this young and upcoming artist has already made himself known within the Nigerian communities in the area since 2008 when he publically emerged. His music has been influenced by not only his West African culture as heard in his rhythmic beats and multilingual lyrics–but also by his Christian upbringing, as his music remains both entertaining and exciting, yet completely tasteful and inoffensive to listeners.
SamDee has recently graduated from the University of South Florida, finishing up his degree in biomedical science. The young producer will continue making tracks for the duration of this year and has also hinted towards concluding his first album by December 2010. The album is likely to be titled “IAmSamDee” as the album will reveal SamDee’s personality, beliefs and lifestyle. Watch for this impressive young talent as he continues to make his way through the Nigerian music industry.

[audio:SamDee-Iwonikan (Only You).mp3]


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