Bubbling Under | Glenn – Take Me Away + Official Girl



This song came across our email and was recommended by another artist, and after the listening I definitely see why, the artist Glenn came recommended. Very smooth voice, and the songs have a way of creeping up and getting catchy after a few listens.

Check out the bio and the tracks below:

A Model, songwriter, singer and pianist,Glenn brings more to his listeners than just style and lyrics.His philosophical view of life and the society in general colors his peculiar style of music.His musical sermons resonate deep within the soul of his listeners, while his cleverly crafted lyrics become the refrain that plays endlessly in one’s head refusing to go away for days. Armed with a potent voice, cleverly crafted lyrics and good instrumentation, this Delta state born crooner whose style of music borders on Neo-soul, R & B and Contemporary Pop, is undoubtedly set to take the industry by storm. With the release of his singles “JUST A WOMAN” followed by “OFFICIAL GIRL” and ” TAKE ME AWAY.” Glenn is gradually and surely carving a niche for himself in the industry. His forth coming debut album “THE BECOMING” soon to be released under Phat Joints Entertainment.

*** Take Me Away***

[audio:Glenn-Take me away.mp3]

*** Official Girl***

[audio:Glenn-Official girl.mp3]


  1. Guy you are the bomb, niaja is about to experience something new, this is just something more than what we were bargained, I believe you, just keep up the good work.

  2. Jaguda what have u guys been waiting for since…

    I've been listening to this dude's "Take me away" since i got back from work.Erm..Glenn you're lucky i'm engaged!

  3. Mehn!! This Glenn guy is hot and can sing.Take me away will be on repeat tonight.Does he have a video yet?


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