Bolanle Okhiria Wins Koko Mansion… The Ideal Kokolette

Bolanle Okhiria - Winner of Koko Mansion
Bolanle Okhiria - Winner of Koko Mansion

Surprise Surprise!!! Bolanle Okhiria is the Ideal Kokolette. In an unexpected turn of things Bolanle Okhiria, a 21 year old student of Lagos State University, was selected as the Ideal Kokolette in Dbanj’s hit show Koko Mansion. The final 4 contestants, Rita, Shona, Chidinma, and winner Bolanle were voted on in the final show. In Bolanle’s words, “I waited for so long for that call, and when it finally came through I was too excited to believe it was real – I had to tell the producers to prove to me that it wasn’t some kind of a joke.” Bolanle walks away from the show with a brand new car, 5 million Naira, and a Chris Aire diamond ring. I’m guessing the car will finally make her learn how to drive 🙂

Fan favorite Rita Igbinedion Isoken, came in at a close second in the final poll results, losing to the winner by 1460 votes. Here are the final poll results:

# Bolanle wins with 11,933 votes
# Rita – 10,473 votes
# Shona – 2,292 votes
# Chidinma – 918 votes

Congratulations to Bolanle, and kudos to all the contestants that were on the show. Koko Mansion definitely spiced up Naija television. So what do you think of the winner, and the show in general?


  1. Seriously, on what grounds where these winners picked? Coz the little i watched, all they did was eat, sleep, and dance!

    Whatever floats their boat.

  2. I'm happy for Bola, but the real kokolette is rita, i understand that rita is not educated.

    Rita got the highest votes from all of us in uk i can bit that. what has happened as happened, my question is what is D'bang doing for Rita? his he living her just like that ? i think d'bang should help with her studies i belive so much about her.

  3. Never really saw the drama but I followed it up online via comments from fan….And almost when I say almost I mean 95% of the Koko Mansion fan liked Rita and that made me liked and voted for her. Its really hurts she did not win I guess I should Neva had voted in the first place bcuz I know dis vote were not used………Well Rita take heart such is life!!!!!!!!ur still the best n we love u………..

  4. SHONA to me is the appropriate winner of Koko Mansion!

    and the votes seem too dodgy!

    I personally think the votes was swapped..

    Rita : 11 000 ….

    Shona: 10 000..

    Chidinma: 2900 …

    Bolanle: 900…

    anyways congraats Bola!

  5. d bang,you are a dude,keep the good work up and the good lord will continue to lift you up.

    it hurts that rita was denied her position,but i think you should do something to assist in her education.

    95% of your fans who voted for rita could not be wrong,she is the real ideal woman and has so much in her that needs to be out and she really needs somebody like you the koka master himself,we all believe you will do that and God will continue to bless you

  6. Congrats to Bolanle, for me it was between her and Shona.

    And please let us be real, is Rita the ideal? Does she truly represent today's Naija woman? Truth is, she doesnt sound that intelligent to me, and furthermore, she has difficulty expressing herself. Most of the votes were sympathy votes anyway.

  7. Am so happy for bolanle, i really wanted her to win,she's got all the qualities of an ideal woman.

    my question is, is dbanj going to marry her ? i hope he will, they make a nice couple.

    all the best in future bola and dbanj.

  8. Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didnt watch the show at all but i saw where my girl was blowing some serious misplaced 'grammer' for a panel… oh my!!!! she's just too much….LMAO

    she's my candidate just for that….lol

  9. Congrats Bolanle my name sake! Bola's know how to keep it real and be real Naija women!!! yo i haven't met a Bolanle yet who is not fine as wine !!!! u go gurl represent with that money don't spend it on laolao invest the dough and multiply!!!! much love dbanj. The show i think was kinda boring though.

  10. nigeria na wao, it very disappointing dat we can not change. giving what belong to[ peter to paul] every body knows dat rita was de ideal woman and de winner of koko mansion but because of una power u gave it to ur own favourite bola or whatever her name. we are still very backward come to de uk and learn how things are run. even dbang are u educated? janet london

  11. Congratz Bola, but I had prayed Rita should win, because in my books, Rita is the ideal kokolette. I sincerely hope that (Nigeria being a truly developed country) the organisers of the competition and DBanj in particular would put something together for Rita. If Rita is properly tutored, she can become a big brand name and indeed the 'Jade Goody' of nigeria. All the best Bola, don't forget your friend Rita. All my regards to the final four especailly Rita, would be an honour meeting Rita. Well done DBanj, sorry can't afford to attend your concert in London, love the Bill board at the O2 in London, i look at it every day on my way home from work, proud to be a nigerian.

    • I agree with Lulu 100%. I strongly suggest Dbanj should assist Rita make something of her self – sending her to get quality education would be a preferred start. and a follow-up sequel to koko mansion would be nice too.

  12. I congratulate Bolanle and dbanj , all those who wish Rita should win, are enemies of progress for Dbanj .All they are looking for is just to put the man down and be making jest of him when Rita start disgracing him around . And sincerely all those votes casted for Rita are votes of sympathy and they all knew that. We cannot rule it out that ENGLISH is Nigeria second language. Dbanj is a popular singer, known everywhere, his wife to be must not be of Rita status. RITA NEEDS THAT MONEY NOW, NOT HUSBAND. , LET SOMEONE COME TO HER RESCUE AT LEAST FOR HER TO FURTHER HER EDUCATION, SHE HAS A VERY BRIGHT FUTURE. I LOVE HER , SHE IS NOT TOO LATE SHE CAN STILL MAKE UP.

    And for Dbanj, i put all the blame on him and the panel you set up, to pick the contestants.

  13. you have done a good job there,cos i watched all the programm from day one to the end here in eu.

    education is very important in our life 2day.sorry 4 rita. shona was good too.nigerian,s claims been civilized

    i hope they woundnt copy tiny taquilla programm too.

  14. Bolanle….i love u so much…i knew u were gonna win i voted for you every night and day….i am so happy u won…may God be with u…pls stay close to God for he is the one that brought u to this piont of time….i love u so much U R THE IDEAL KOKOLET…….HA HA TO CHIDIMA AND SHONA UR PLAN DID NOT SUCCEED….U GUYS THOUGHT U COULD PUT BOLANLE DOWN BECAUSE U THOUGHT PPL DID NOT LYK HER …U C NOW SHE IS THE IDEAL KOKOLET…HA HA TO ALL THE HATERS OUT THERE THAT DID NOT WANT BOLANLE TO SUCCEED…I LOVE U BOLANLE …………………………………………..KEEP DOIN UR THING!

  15. KITTY or what is ur name? is this isue up to madness u calling someone cracking with u a mad fellow

    is not fair,that word is nasty so guy stop it………i know he/she dont mean any bad from the way she talk.


    BOLANLE kudos to you……….u ve done a great job…………JUST KEEP IT MOVING.

  16. will you pls stop blaming d banj and others..i watched d show again over and over..for goodness sake, Bolanle deserved it…intelligent, cool, reserved etc. she is 2 much. Dbanj, kudos 2 u, well done, pls we want more of it. cheers


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