BBA Update: Mozambique’s Michael Evicted… Confidence Survives Once Again


Mozambique’s Michael became the third Housemate to be Evicted from the Big Brother Amplified House this Season.

About an hour before the Live Eviction Show, Michael’s instinct’s seemed to be spot on. “I’m really nervous. When I’m Evicted, I hope Sharon’s boyfriend will not be waiting for me outside,” he jokingly said.

Michael was known as the Don Juan of the House and entertained himself by flirting with every woman in the House. The nervous Housemates all gathered in the lounge at 19:00 CAT and Head of House Vimbai was asked to reveal who she had saved. The candid Zimbabwean Housemate took a deep breath and revealed she had saved Hanni and put Michael in her place instead.

Hanni sat back quietly when she heard the news and then tearfully hugged Vimbai. Michael looked calm after hearing the news and professed “I’m cool!” When Bernadina was asked to leave the House, tears ran down her face. The gang escorted her to the big Eviction doors, with Vina wiping away a few of her own tears.

After a very short interview on stage, the Namibian diva was herded off to the Tails House. When she saw the Tails gang she screamed “I knew there was another House!”

After a sensational performance by Cabo Snoop, Michael’s fate was confirmed. “I’ll miss the boys and Sharon O a lot,” he said.

Source: BBA Website


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