BBA Has Ended And Your Troubles Continue… …


I was in a murderous mood on Sunday, October 17 2010. Here I was, minding my own business and lamenting on the state of the economy (yes, I was broke at the time) when the whole of Nigeria practically erupted in wild celebrations as Uti won the Big Brother Africa reality show. I was receiving text messages and pings every 30 seconds and at a point, I contemplated switching off my phone before it exploded from over-use. Big Brother Africa ke? Wetin concern JAMB concern INEC?

I find it mind-boggling and down-right insane to imagine human beings following the events of some idle people, locked up in a house for a period of time and performing meaningless tasks, with as much passion (and fanatism) as religious zealots! Watching people bathing, or eating or jumping from one member of the opposite sex to the other is not my idea of fun. During the duration of the show, it was not uncommon to see workers hurrying home at the end of the day to watch part of the show and discussing its goings-on with as much insight as Professor Wole Soyinka would, if he were to give a lecture on ‘The Lion and the jewel.’

I mean, come on!!! Is this how low our moral values have depreciated to? In faraway India, Nigerian athletes competed against their counterparts from the British Commonwealth and gave a good account of themselves, placing 9th on the medals table out of a 71 participating countries. While some members of the Nigerian contingent were penalized for using banned substances, it is instructive to note that a number of them competed with varying degrees of injuries as part of their sacrifice towards securing glory for their motherland. What did Uti do, abeg? He lazed about in a well-furnished house with some equally idle people and depended on your SMS votes to win a cash prize of $200,000. What particular talent must you possess to be a contestant? What exertions do you go through in order to trounce your rivals and emerge as the winner? Can any of you BBA zealots name three athletes who won medals at the Commonwealth Games? Does it not stand to reason that these men and women who put their bodies on the line for NIGERIA should be more celebrated than Uti who went into the House with the sole aim of securing a financial and popularity windfall for HIMSELF? Honestly, I feel BBA lovers have much lower IQs than cold bowls of akamu. Seriously!

When the text messages and pings caused me to snap, I updated my Facebook status with some choice swear words directed at the whole BBA thing. I was mildly surprised when a number of Facebook and real-life friends attacked me savagely in defence of the show. Mildly surprising because while I had accepted that some of them were literally retards, I didn’t expect the level of animosity that was channelled at me. You would risk a friendship to defend an intangible concept which has little or no bearing on your life? Shey if you are looking for someone to lend you money when you are in a tight spot, you will go and meet the producers of BBA? Fucking wankers!

Did you celebrate when that mentally-deficient, annoyingly incompetent, notoriously corrupt football ‘administrator’, Dr. Amos Adamu was caught on tape soliciting bribes from undercover reporters? Did you cartwheel around your room in delight at the thought of the old fart spending some time behind bars? Did you celebrate when an Appeal Court declared Dr. Kayode Fayemi Governor of Ekiti State after a landmark court battle which lasted for over 3 years? Did you experience a mind-blowing orgasm when you visualized the usurping Segun Oni driving away from the Ekiti Government House in disgrace, with his tail between his legs? Can you see that your priorities are misplaced and you are swimming in the pool with a million other members of a decadent generation who have been brain-washed into placing more premium on ‘easy’ money as opposed to hard work.

What the piss is a ‘reality show’? My tattered dictionary defines it as ‘A genre of television programming portraying normal people and their reaction to given stimuli and/or goals.’ We all know that is a bunch of monkey balls! Reality shows are anything but real. Every contestant goes in trying to ‘play to the gallery’ and hoping to win the votes of the fickle viewers in the process. I strongly believe these reality shows are damaging the psyche of Nigerian youths. These shows are akin to ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes and ‘yahoo-yahoo’ scams, which offer the false allure of the easy, good life.

And now as you return from your BBA-induced exile from reality, you find that, like the temporary succour alcohol offers; your troubles are still ever-present… You must earn a living, you must buy that ‘Brazilian hair’ that your partner wants or there will be hell to pay, you must retake those carry-overs you have or you might be thrown out of school, the list of woes is endless… …

To the very few people who elected to refrain from rolling in the mud with the pigs, I salute your parents for bringing you up properly…

And here my rant ends…


  1. Finally.. A fellow Naija person that sees reality shows for the stupidity, time-wasting and the idolization of Idiots. I live in the U.S and there is just too much reality shows on TV. I just see it as a way that people encourage others to be stupid and give stupid people Popularity..I didn’t know that such craziness was going on in Naija oo..You would think that will all the problems that naija people have to contend with such as light, bad economy, bad roads, bad government, bad health care.. you would think that people wont have time for reality shows like that..I just believe the world as a whole with the exception of china, japan and most other asian countries are getting dumber by the day…na wa oh..when i have kids…i deg go korea to raise them

  2. Buhahaha!! This is a very serious rant. Lmao. Wow!!

    I mean I don't do reality shows anyways but I do see your point. But then again, people watch these shows as a form of escapism you know. Yet the "escape" only lasts for a while because like you said your problems will still be here even when the show is over. You can say the same about sports and what not. I guess it comes down to what makes people happy/delusioned. Who knows. And yes, Kayode Fayemi's victory was pretty amazing. (at least there's still an iota of hope for naija).

    I swear, i love your write-ups.

  3. hahahaha!! dude seriously.. ur on 'pissing' point there!! but hey, watever network officials can do to boost ratings and make good money… nowadays, there's nothing more delicious and ridiculous as seeing people relate their personalities on reallife t.v, it's pure, unedited and so so adultrated, so while u might b able to name all the nigerian athletes who took part in the common wealth games, others can name all the folks who took part in all season of all episodes of BBA… so don't hate, appreciate.

    But well done, was laughing all the way to the end of your post… deuces!

  4. O boy, u wan kill me with laughter. Seriously, i agree with i 100%. There is no end to insanity in Nigeria. People are self-absorbed with nonsense, from Blackberry effizy to masquerade nonsense. Nigerians are just decadent in just about everything. Can u imagine, a stupid BBA gaining attention. God help us oo.

  5. seriously, reality shows are just plain stupid and gettin stupider by the day,, coouldnt believe my ears whn i heard there was goin to be some reality show on ex-CONS , and am like fourr reaul? like wht are de thinkin? wht msg are de sendin to d youths out there? and my naija whn i take get hope say i go send my children go school, well we are catching up fast i must say.n


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