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Oscar Night… one thing stood out to me [and to every other black girl in America and abroad], Viola Davis. She stepped onto the red carpet decked out in an emerald green Vera Wang gown paired with the right jewelry and accessories. Her toned arms, glowing skin and make up was flawless but what we [all] couldn’t get enough of …was homegirl’s HAIR. No,  it was NOT the Brazilian hair, purchased from a local dealer or the wig cap her stylist presented to her. It was all her own [maybe not the color] but it was her natural hair! She didn’t necessarily start the “trend” [no one really did] but she confirmed the fact that there is something beautiful about a Black/African sporting her own hair!  Now, no offense to those who get relaxers, weaves and the next because I feel every woman is entitled to do whatever SHE wants to do with HER hair.

But back to what I was saying, the natural is back. I first cut my hair back in 2008 just to do it.  Since then, I’ve relaxed it again, rocked the “Rihanna” cut only to cut down to “gorimakpa” status [again], grew it out, braided it [twice] then color it. My point is that there is nothing I haven’t done with my hair since I’ve gone natural. With that said, I will like to list my TOP FIVE THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR NATURAL HAIR.


This alternative to locks has become the new trendy hairstyle to rock in natural hair. Its pretty easy to apply and can be removed just as fast as you decide to change it up.


I love updos! It gives you height and makes a helluva statement. Your hair doesn’t need to be as long as the lady photographed to do it. I usually braid my hair into box braids then put it into a crazy updo to achieve this look.


Coloring is a great when you are looking for a change! I recommend you go to a color specialist who can educate you on how you can maintain it. Most importantly you will want to keep your hair MOISTURIZED with any color in it to prevent breakage.


Twists are great for those of us who can be too lazy to braid it. Just take two strands of you hair and twist them together [keep it overnight] if you are looking to create a wave in your hair. If you’re using the twists to create another hairstyle, I  said go nuts! Flat twisting it to one side or the middle of your head to create a FAUX-HAWK is great idea. If you want to trim your hair to flaunt it the best way possible, you must make sure to use the best tools such as those Hairdressing Scissor Cases.


Then of course there are the locs! You can go to a natural hair salon to get your hair manually locked and I only suggest this if you are SURE that you want locs. They are permanent unless and you will have to cut them off then start over if you ever decide to get rid of them. But nonetheless, I love the locs and when I’ve gathered enough courage, I will test them out!

Well there they are, my favorite natural styles. I don’t plan on doing them all but definitely maybe 4 out 5. I’ve already colored it so that’s one down. Ladies what are your favorites? And my guys, what are your favorite looks to see on your fellow women? Fill me in!

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