7 Things To Do Without Your Phone


For those who live in the Blackberry world it’s no secret that Blackberry outages have affected users in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South & North America… Pretty everywhere but Asia…so far.

Everyone has been complaing about it and claiming they’re bored and they can’t talk to their friends etc. Well before technology what did we do? Before BB there was life… Sweet life at that. So here are things you can do without your blackberry

1. Study – I’m sure half the BB generation are students. Either in highschool, University or Graduate School. Imagine the amount of time spent BB messaging when you can use that time to study. Your BBMs aren’t delivering? Good. Study… you have a test next week anyways. Not in school? Read a book.

2. Visit a friend – Yeah we spend so much time “bonding” on BB that we rarely even just go visit each other anymore. In some cases next dorr neighbors can spend hours chatting on BB when thye can just walk over and gist.

3. Talk a Stroll – BB messaging and chopping suya or pizza while laying in bed is not the best way to stay in shape. Drop that phone and take a stroll. Get some fresh air… unless of course you stay in one kind neighborhood where the air outside is worse than the one in. Then just do jumping jacks in your house.

4. Board Games – If you have friends around, why not. All you need is 3-4 people anyways. Chances are you have 2-3 people you can round up.

5. Cook – Cooking is fun, and a lot of times we claim we don’t have time to cook but we spend hours fiddling with some form of technology or another. Get in the kitchen and get to cooking. It’s better than ordering out

6. Relax & Meditate – Yep. When was the last time you just relaxed and did nothing. I used to do it when I was young and would come up with some of the best ideas. Now BB has taken my me-time away. Every 2 secs it’s some “Joke of the day broadcast”

7. Count Your Blessings – I mean literally. Everytime we say count your blessings, but we never do. Well there’s no BB and you have all this extra time. Why not? Count them, and see what God has done for you 🙂

If all else fails, sleep 🙂


  1. This was kind of boring. I thought it was gonna be something ghen ghen sef. Hiss. Waste of time and internet memory space

  2. This is true to the core!!! We have gotten so busy with life and BB and FB and Twitter and all that and we have forgotten the basics of life like having person to person interaction. Kids these days are busy with their IPOD, Internet, TV, IPAD, IPHONe, BB phone etc that they dont get outside time anymore and yet antidepressants are flying off the shelves with the prescriptions as one of the most written.
    Get it clear folks; Human beings are social animals and the moment they stop interacting and meeting people, they get depressed so get off the BB etc and take notes from above…


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