7 Steps to Create a Perfect Dating Profile


Living in the most time-consuming era of our history, we rarely have a luxurious possibility to develop relationships in a classic way of offline dating. The help came from the internet in form of the online dating, and changed the rules of dating forever. Now you need to spend some time online, to get to know each other and to figure out is there a reason to have an offline date. Dating always had painful rules, and online dating is no exception. Your profile need to meet the requirements in order to get noticed. To make things easier, we provide you with seven simple steps of creating a perfect dating profile.

Avoid the Selfie

“What?! We are living…”, yeah, we know that we are living in the twenty first century. The selfie is the sign that you are very lonely. While you may think that it is quite okay, considering the fact that there was a reason why you decided to create an account on the dating site, selfie is not a sign of that lonely. When your profile picture is a selfie, it shows not only that you don’t have a girlfriend, but that you don’t seem to have any friends. Girls don’t find complete loners quite attractive. Most likely they would think that you are a weirdo of a kind. So, avoid the selfie, regardless of the century we are living in.


Express Who You Are

When it comes to online dating, there is always a temptation to lie a little bit about yourself. If you want your online dating to successfully culminate into the offline date, you need lay the truth the way it is. So, your profile should express who you are, rather than who you want to be. That’s the only way you can attract the right person, with whom you may have future.


Whom You Want to Meet?

When searching for the partner, think about character, rather than characteristics. Thus, when filling the “whom you’re looking for”-field put words like “active”, “carrying”, “good sense of humor”, instead of “blonde”, “tall” and “fit body”. You may attract a tall blonde girl with a fit body, but it doesn’t mean that you will work out solely on those traits. j4l.com experts know a thing!


Show, Rather Than Tell

Your profile must provoke pictures in the heads of others users. Thus, your writing about yourself must be more or less cinematic. Instead of “I love having fun”, which is too obscure, verify what exactly you mean by that. Write that you like going to loud parties or that you like having quiet walks in the parks. That will help you in finding the right date-mate.


Abandon All The Negativity

No matter what you write about yourself in your profile, avoid complaining on your life or past experiences. Avoid even slight hints on any negativity, as negativity is your worst enemy in online dating, as it scares of your prospective partners.


Clarify Your Intentions

Your profile should clarify what are you looking for. It will help you avoid misunderstandings with other users of the online dating service. Whether you are looking for a steady partner, a one-night stand or a prospective bride – clarify it. Otherwise, your online dating has no purpose.


Spelling and Grammar

Last, but not the least – make sure you didn’t make any grammar or spelling mistakes. It can easily scare girls off, as there’s unlikely other thing that girls on online dating sites hate more than when a man can’t write properly.



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