5 Reasons To Buy Lexus GX470


For a luxury car brand, Lexus has a surprisingly diverse lineup that is filled with models for all kinds of buyers. Lexus GX470 is one of the brand’s best known luxury SUVs. GX470 is no longer produced, but it still has plenty of fans thanks to its variety of features. Check out 5 biggest reasons to buy Lexus GX470 and check Lexus GX470 price.

Spacious cabin

Lexus GX470 is especially attractive for family buyers who need to drive their family around every day. GX470 is a much more comfortable and good-looking alternative to station wagons and other spacious vehicles. With three rows of seating and generous cargo space, Lexus GX470 will likely satisfy the transportation needs of any buyer looking for a roomy vehicle that is far from boring.


At the time it was introduced, Lexus GX470 was mechanically, but most importantly, visually, very similar to the Toyota 4Runner, arguably the best-looking SUVs at the time. By adding its signature luxury charm, Lexus transformed GX470 into one of the most attractive crossover SUVs of the 2000s. This Lexus will surely make you feel proud every time you take it out for a ride!


Lexus GX470’s driving specs make it a remarkably versatile ride that can deliver satisfying performance in any situation. Powered by a 4.7L V8 engine that produced 263hp and paired with a five-speed automatic transmission, Lexus GX470 is a pleasure to drive both for beginners and seasoned drivers, who will definitely enjoy running errands or taking long trips with their Lexus.

Off-road capabilities

Lexus GX470 is a classic truck-based SUV, which gives it many advantages over lighter and smaller vehicles – most notably, its outstanding off-road capabilities. Of course, you may not need that kind of performance in everyday life, but you’ll be glad you own a GX470 in a situation where other SUVs and cars fail to live up to expectations – for example, while driving off-road through the mud.

Comfort and safety

For a luxury car like Lexus GX470, comfort and safety features are to be expected, but GX470 delivers even more convenience features than you can imagine. Leather seats, wooden dashboard, tire pressure monitoring system, rear parking camera, satellite navigation, downhill assist control and side curtain airbags are only few of the comfort and safety features you’ll find in GX470.

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