5 First Date Don’ts For Men


Ladies, have you ever been on a date with a guy and he is just dropping the ball left, right and center? And guys, please I’m not sure if there’s a manual you guys are supposed to read before going on a first date with a girl, but if there is, you really need to take it seriously.

I was sharing stories with my friends and I was stunned at some of the first date stories I heard from them. Well, I’ve had a few myself so I cant say I was surprised but some stuff I heard was downright interesting.

Too interesting that from that conversation I got a nice comprehensive list of what not to do on a first date. That is if you don’t want to automatically disqualify yourself from a babe on a first date then just be mindful of these things that are right there on the don’ts on a first date for men.

Men please pay attention, and women just drop your stories if you feel moved or just say “Amen” in agreement.

1. Expect Your Date To Pay For Half

I’m not sure if it’s the Naija babe in me, but I just can’t get with this paying for half of the date business. Ndi Ocha na kpo ya “Going Dutch,” but me I call it “Going Cheap.” The quickest way to lose a girl, especially a Nigerian girl is to mention anything like paying half. You might not even reach the end of the date. We might as well cut the date in half too.

I mean you asked me out right? So why not pay for everything? and I’m not going crazy on the bill, that’s a different story altogether. Bottom line. You mention half or dutch, even as a language sef, and you can delete my number or pin immediately.

2. Talk About Yourself The Whole Time

OMG! Have you been on a date with a guy and he’s just talking about himself? “I’m general manager of this…. My father did this… I own this… I drive this” Urgh! I mean me too I want to talk too now. I know some men like to hear themselves talk, and if that’s the case you can talk to yourself while I quietly exit the date.

On a first, there’s something called conversation, and it’s between 2 people, not 1. Let the girl talk also, and bring up topics that can be shared by both parties.

A lot of men drop the ball in this area and it’s sad.

3. Make Sexual Innuendos

This is almost an automatic dis-qualifier. It’s the first date, and I’m not an ashawo in Abuja or Lagos, so please don’t start making any kind of silly sexual jokes or innuendos around me. I’m not saying that I’m a “holy holy never had sex” but if I went around having sexual discussions with every guy I go on a date on then nah to begin collect 20k so I know I’m officially ashing out myself.

All these guys that like to feel like “players” all the time do all this stupid mess, and they start wondering why she never called back.

Guys take note; Leave the sexual innuendos till later later… when she’s comfortable enough with you.

4. Dish About Past Dates

You’re talking to a guy and he starts telling you all the atrocities his ex-girlfriend did to him, his brother, his mother, his father, and how she’s lucifer’s daughter. Red Flag!!! That’s not cute at all, and it shows that you can’t even compose yourself enough to give yourself a shot with the next girl.

Moreover if you’re that concerned with telling me about all the bad things your ex did then why are you on a date with me? I don’t want to hear that, and in the back of my mind I know that of we date and don’t work out then I’ll be that ex you bash to the next girl.

No Thank You.

5. Text/BB At The Table

Businessmen and entertainment people take note. Ladies like attention and it’ll be nice to have your attention for the 2-3 hour date period we’ll be on. It shows that you’re actually interested in me.

Some guys just don’t get this. Every text or BB that comes in they must reply. Heck who knows maybe they’re sending their own sef. It’s highly disrespectful to continuously do that on a date. If Barrack Obama is calling you then tell me so I’ll tell you to go and we’ll link up at another time.

So guys, that’s it o. Una don hear. Don’t fall your own hand and deprive yourself of some correct babe by doing some of these stuff listed on a first date. I think most ladies will agree with me and say this is definitely ground for disqualification. Not one single one in particular but maybe a combination. Then again if you’re like me, one of these can kick you out of the door immediately.

Ladies, help me out ejor, and drop some comments. I don’t believe Jaguda.com is removing subsidy for comments 😀



  1. same rules goes for ladies too. So we guyz are going to kick the ass of any lady that broke one of those rules. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  2. No mind them joor! I pray make I pay d bill wen na him take M̶̲̥̅e̶̲̥̅̊ out! He no well! Jaguda Ʊ я̲̅ always on point noni

  3. My dear… U have said a lot! Was on a 1st date with a guy n tho we didn’t go out, all he wanted to do was she me his work! All d videos on his system! I want to say something n he will b like…”Have u seen this one yet? I’m sure u will like it” it was so bad that wen I wanted to leave, he wanted me to spare another 15minutes to see a video he had put together!!! I’d say one of my worst first dates ever!!! Chai!!!

  4. Quite interesting but subliminal. what of if I no like wetin I see? the pics she sent me were over ten years old before we met for a date. At the table, i vex say gurl u TOO fat , no be wetin I see for picture be this, infact i just dey VEX , i pull out my Iphone begin to text, browse and by the time wey our bill LAND, i ASk am’ for her share of the bill…jointly paid and we say bye bye (true story)…I did it on purpose because she sent me old pictures where she be size 8, only for me to see size 18..NO regrets because I know say WE no good go on another date but atleast she No get free Lunch…
    the bottom line is : ladies if your date acted in any way or form this article outlines, maybe just maybe something went wrong AS In my case….


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