4 Towns In Borno and Yobe State Seized By Boko Haram



If you think this is not a full scale way then think again. Reports have been coming from everywhere recently that up to 4 towns accross Borno and Yobe states have been captured and seized by Boko Haram. The most high profile being Gwoza where Boko Haram recently captured. Other towns include Buni Yadi, Buni Gari and Goniri all in Yobe State.

In a report from SaharaReporters:

The Islamist terror group, Boko Haram, has routed Nigerian troops from four towns in Borno and Yobe states, both in Nigeria’s violence-plagued northeast that is the epicenter of the group’s activities.

Six days ago, insurgents belonging to Boko Haram took over the town of Gwoza after overwhelming Nigerian troops guarding the town. The Islamist sect’s fighters invaded the town in the middle of last week, massacring more than 100 residents, including a brother of the Emir of Gwoza as well as the chief imam of the town’s major mosque. Security sources disclosed that the sect also killed or wounded numerous Nigerian soldiers during their initial assault and, days later, in a counter-offensive mounted by the Nigerian Army to try to wrest the town back from the stranglehold of the Islamists.

Just a few days ago, spouses of soldiers deployed to Borno held a protest again their husbands’ deployment and complained that the soldiers are not given adequate weapons and ammunition to seriously combat Boko Haram, and just being sent to die.

My people na wa o. We’re really at war here.


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