10 Things I Love about Naija – Paroles [pt 3]

Naija Party
Naija Party

Part 3 of my 10 part series “10 things I love about Naija” is focused on Paroles. Like I mentioned in part 1, Naija in these series applies to the people of, and the country Nigeria. With that being said, I’ll jump right into it.

Paroles, Yawo, Runz, wakajugbe, or anything you call it is the heart and soul of Naija social life. There is always some kind paroles you have in Naija. Every day there is one wedding, party, birthday, wedding anniversary, child naming ceremony, burial, or just general “let’s enter this joint” paroles that is going on. Before facebook, and myspace, our social lives were actually social lives and involved actually hanging out with people, and running from one joint to another eating isi ewu peppersoup, party rice and drinking small stout or gordon sparks (for the babes)

It’s kinda interesting that as addicted as I am to facebook here in yankee, the moment I get to Naija, it’s like facebook doesn’t even exist. Why do I need facebook when there’s enough paroles from morning till night, monday to sunday to occupy my time. Worst case scenario, I’ll go visit one of my friends down the street (don’t need to call sef – just show up and say.. “guy how far? make we go see Chinwe dem for that side”). And we know our neighbors and folks that stay in our “estates” in naija so it’s all good. In obodo oyibo, u’re lucky if you know the person that has been staying across from you in your apartment complex for the past 2 years. It’s really hard to sit down in your house from morning till night on your laptop updating statuses, and twitting in naija.  Even your parents will think something is wrong with you.

The best paroles are the impromptu ones man. Your guy or babe just calls you, and is like “Omo I get 3 babes with me, make we enter White Castle”, or “One jand boy wants to take me and you out o” and just like that, paroles don start. No need to prepare, no need to call in advance, just dress up and start heading out. Or crashing weddings that u’re not invited to… just for going sake. “Ole boy u hear say Dr Wale daughter dey marry today? Babes go full ground… make we show face now.” Of course u hope and pray that army men were not hired to flog  uninvited guests like you out of there…lol.

No better time for excess paroles than Christmas time (or any other festive season). As a Christian, Christmas for me outside Naija can be pretty depressing. No matter how many parties dejavu, rising sun, or so so selective throw, it’s still not the same. Nothing is as good as going from one occasion to another, eating and drinking to your heart’s satisfaction, and waking up the next morning to do it all over again. Even an event as sad as a funeral turns into under-g paroles especially if it’s the funeral of an elderly person. 2 hrs of crying, 12 hours of celebrating the life of the deceased…lol. Let’s not forget the Lagos Owambes where people block the whole street for 12 hours in the name of partying. My Eko people are certified kings & queens of partying. Even if it’s just because Funmi gave birth yesterday, they must throw party. Lord help us if they bring Pasuma to perform… that one nah till day break partying be that.

Naija paroles is unrivaled as far as I’m concerned.  Our social life is what keeps us alive in the midst of all our problems. No light, No water, no better health care, excessive heat, corruption, lawlessness, kidnapping, armed robbery, and other countless problems, but we still find a way to be in the top 10 happiest nations in the world every year. Kai, we’re just too much. Happy Memorial Day everyone… may your weekend be filled with enjoyment paroles, Amen!!!

Enjoy my theme song for this weekend’s paroles, “Bumper to Bumper.”



  1. gosh this post makes me miss naija so much!!!!…just walking to someones house and not getting to your own crib till the next day. Yankee makes every so autonomous..its sad really..

  2. chei!! i miss em dayz of excess faaji….as soon as nepa folks decide to show themselves na 2 dress up comot 4 house go chop point and kill lol..

  3. Omo paroles na d every. Make i wait small before i go follow those chics drink cheap chapman.

    Nice piece.


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