10 Things I Love About Naija – Naija Pride [Pt 9]


I know it’s been a hot minute since I put up a post about the 10 things I love about Naija, and I apologize. I said I wouldn’t quit half way through the series so I intend on completing it. Chei… It’s been a minute sha. Anyways, part 9 on this series, is about one thing that Naija folks around the world have… well more so our generation of Naija folks… Pride. Naija Pride to be exact.

Congrats to Super Eagles for earning a World Cup berth for South Africa 2010, and we’re all happy that they qualified. Now I remember when we were almost not going to make it. When Tunisia drew with us in abuja. That evening all I kept hearing was “Can you imagine? A whole Nigeria wont go to world cup… How can world cup come to africa and Nigeria wont be there?”… Now as funny and arrogant as this sounds, I think it echoes the thoughts of most Nigerians in most things. As far as I am concerned, in Africa, there’s Nigeria, and then everyone else. Yeah, we might not be the safest country in africa, we might not have the strongest economy, we might not have the most stable government, but some odd reason, I still think Nigeria is the best country in Africa. Hands down.

I was talking to my brother sometime and we were discussing if we needed transit visa to fly through senegal, and he quickly said “Are they mad? Do they know that we’re Nigerians? Hiss… We’ll just remove all our AID from them and they’ll see.” Again weird and arrogant as that may sound, I agree with him. Many of my african friends will always tell me that Nigerians are too proud and arrogant for no real reason. We don’t bother to know any other culture in Africa, we don’t care to visit other countries… except Ghana & SA, and we just like to feel like we’re better than the other Africans… Hmmm… I just thought to myself. Levels Dey.


The thing is, we as Nigerians have a certain pride in our country that is unrivaled in Africa. On independence day, nobody else go hear word again ooo… Green White Green everywhere, we’ll take over that street in NY, all over facebook, Naija For Lyfe, I Rep Naija, Naija Till I die, Kiss me I’m Nigerian. I’m sure if I was not nigerian and I was african I’d hate nigerians…lol. But seeing that I’m Nigerian… I love it.

I mean what’s not to be proud of in Naija… We’re the home of Nollywood, we’ve hijacked the african entertainment industry… we’re the home of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Fela, Chimamanda Adichie, The inventor of the modern day internet, Dangote Sugar… I mean there’s a lot to be proud of that if I continue, my head wont be able to expand anymore

Pride is defined as “a high sense of the worth of one’s self” and in that context Naija folks, including myself most times have a very high sense of self importance, esp in the midst of other Africans. Sometimes it can be excessive but who cares? We’re Nigerians. A lot of times I feel like if I wasn’t Nigerian, then I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. So with that being said, Naija Pride is Number 9 on the 10 things I love about Naija.

Comot for road… Naija dey show face!!!


  1. I most definitely agree with this one!!! And i like how u said if you were african and not naija, u would def hate naijas, cos u know that is very true and now i can undertsand why a lil bit, still all i gotta say is, abeg don't jealous us jare! Its not our fault!. But for real, that sense of pride is very evident and hopefully it propels our generation to try harder to make the country into something the future ones will have more reasons to be proud of! Great one Mr. Aribaba, this one swell my head extra specially!

    • Omo nah the way man… Thanks. It's one of those things we have by being Nigerian… Almost how Americans feel about their place in the world.

  2. Man Aribaba i dey yankee this xmas and i dey bored stiff….Omo guy your posts just lift my spirit!

    Na true talk be this….For Africa na Naija and then everyone else!


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