10 Hottest Naija Female Celebs [By Aribaba]


Before I start, I just want to say that this is purely based on my opinion. There is no statistical mathematical differential calculation that went into this. Just 10 babes in the Naija Celebrity scene that I wouldn’t mind “taking a walk on the beach” with… lol. Seeing as this list is by me, most of the criteria I used to create this list of purely from a man’s stand point, so babes please forgive me if I missed all the elegance, grace, and all that. So here goes, in no particular order:

Rita Dominic
RITA DOMINIC: I think this is pretty self explanatory. Rita might not be the hottest babe in Nollywood, but the babe has some mad sex appeal. I think it’s the attitude that does it for me man… There’s just something about her attitude. Acting or not.

Omotola Jalade
OMOTOLA JALADE: Aunty Omotola. Her body alone is enough for me start running to her village and looking for her father. It’s the African in me that just loves this babe. Orobo toh bad o.

AIRIS: Yeah yeah… some people might not know her, and some might think she’s not a celebrity yet. That one concern you. The babe is fine and her song “Without You” is too sweet. Her voice oooo… Airis can come and sing me to sleep everynight abeg.

Genevieve Nnaji
GENEVIEVE NNAJI: This one is really just because she is Genevieve. I mean… It’s Genevieve. She’s hot. Full stop.

OMAWUNMI: Black Beauty at its best, and that smile… chei… world cup man.

Chimamanda Adichie
CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This babe is hot all round. Beauty & Brains. This is someone I can sit down on the beach with and talk about deep stuff. All I need is mental stimulation sometimes and who else can give me that better than Ms. Adichie.

Laura Izibor
LAURA IZIBOR: Laura is beautiful in an interesting way. I think her artistic vibe is very appealing. Kinda like an open mic night date kind of babe. Snapping fingers and listening to jazz and all. Reminds me of Corrine Bailey Ray

Ini Edo
INI EDO: It’s Ini Edo. This one nah naija wifey material to me o. Not from a character stand-point but from her physical appearance. She just resemble fine babe turning into fine madam.

KEL: Kel Kel Kel… My home girl has called me a Kel groupie already, but there is something about the babe. Maybe it’s the rapping skills, or abi nah the body… I don’t know, but somehow she entered my list. Maybe nah Jazz sef. In any case Kel is hot.

Dakore Egbuson: Dakore to me is just beautiful. The babe has been MIA lately, but that doesn't take away from her beauty.
DAKORE EGBUSON: Dakore to me is just beautiful. The babe has been MIA lately, but that doesn't take away from her beauty. Nwa Baby, nyem ife gi...lol.

Ezzie B – Most likely to be my ride or die babe

Liz Yemoja – Will make any man look better just by being next to him. Crème.

Liz Benson – My Naija MILF

Linda Ikeji – Most likely to keep me entertained with gist

Anyways, there is my list. This is Aribaba’s stand point o. Not necessarily those of jaguda.com.


  1. lol your list sux!!!! *blank face* at kel and omawunmi…

    it should include Bella Naija..she is hot

    The other Omawunmi Akinnfesi(sp?)- her style is amazing!

    That MBGN chic..dunno her name

    and Nse Ekpi Etim(sp?).. but you tried sha…:) This is my opinion sha

  2. huh? was this in chronological order…who were u just picking randomly?

    anyways the babes are hot…but maybe you sud make it from 10-1 or 1-10 in that order, lets know who tops ur wet dreams.

    Jennifer W.

  3. i knew kels will be in this list..hisss…. newayz . you missed tonto dikeh although her make up is always off but she is def on the growing list……

    newayz nice work aribaba and the 40 ashawos….lol

  4. really Licious… u rly went n found pictures..haha nawa ooo..lol but yea i agree with Bella, Stephanie, Omawunmi and Nse Ekpi Etim being on the list.

  5. Well, I don't know some of the babes on your list, but congrats to them for making it. I for vex say I no make am — but I guess that would count as incest. LOL. Therefore, you're forgiven, Aribaba.

    • Umu Ezeani Kwenu!!!…lol. Sorry I had to throw that in there…lol. First of all I want to tell you that our only communication should not be through Blogs and websites. Ok… besides that, thanks for visiting us today :).

      That blog radio stuff, i think i'll call in or listen sha, cos I have somethings to say about it, and then we can discuss co-hosting a show with you, seeing that i'm gettting my invite via a website…lol.

  6. By the way — and this is totally unrelated, I know — I took the poll on your home page, and I voted No. No, I do not support the ban on District 9 in Nigeria. In light of that, I actually have a post about it right now http://www.verastic.com/2009/10/whats-real-proble… and that's because I'll be talking about it on the radio tomorrow morning. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/verastic/2009/10/24/… Should be interesting. Bia… when are you (Aribaba) gonna co-host with me sef??????? Don't make me make you.

  7. LOL, nice list. You are missing:

    Mercy Johnson (she has a body to DIE for)

    Tonto Dikeh- Very pretty chick

    Nneka – Google her.

    • Mgbeks 4 Life oooo!!!!

      Ok… Mercy Johnson has a body sha but ummmm… yeah. Make I no talk too much. I didn't know Tonto Dikeh until someone mentioned her today, and Nneka? Which one? The pretty serpent?… or the one that won the MOBO awards?

  8. Mercy Johnson ke? Abi na the same chic wey I don see hin foto abi na for movies? She is a total "cut my head off" as her face no fine!

  9. Yah!!!!!!!!! (That's in response to the Umu Ezeani kwenu thing…. lol)

    Okay… henceforth, communication must increase exponentially to all levels that are better and higher than the blogs & websites level …. right after this message is sent, of course.

    Mercy Johnson sha …… I like her acting, but I think her boobs have become more famous than her. I'm sure the men don't mind anyway.

  10. Nope….I think Liz Yemoja should have made that list…..I personally think she is sexier than half the girls up there….Ini Edo??? Are u kidding me?? LOL…..

  11. is genevieve more pretty than ini edo?nooooooo she is not,i just don't like that chick,why? she's too full of herself, over prideness is killing her,thats why so so complain we dey get about her, for my suggestion, nollywood production should leave her concetrat on the serious ones. FROM ME Ocean chux, a PROUDLY NIGERIAN


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