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VIDEO: M.I. Abaga – I am disappointed in Nigerian Hiphop!

Nigerian Hip-hop veteran MI is very much displeased with the current state of Hip-hop music in the country. The 'Bad Belle' crooner made his...

Reinhard Tega ft Koker, Loose Kaynon & ClassiQ – Mr. Ayinde

Prolific Chocolate City music producer, Reinhard Tega teams up with Koker, ClassiQ and Loose Kaynon to share a new mid tempo trap record dubbed...

Assassins And Pallbearers; A Story On The Dying Nigerian Hip-hop

nigerian hip-hop
Nigerian Hip-hop is mortally wounded and straight up on the path to extermination or irrelevance. One will not be far from the truth if your...

The Best Rappers In Nigeria Right Now Are….

best rappers in nigeria
The team had a discussion about this in prepping for out 2016 version of the Hottest Rapper In Nigeria list and decided to open it...

The Fear of Beef And Decline of Creativity: The Nigerian Rap...

nigerian hip-hop
Rap is a game of contest. It's always been, and in reality should always be. MCs are gladiators, the music is the arena, microphones...

Are You Rapping Or Yapping?

Where do you place your favourite rapper; is he or she rapping or yapping? We are not going to delve into origins or who...

Falling In Love With Hip-Hop In Nigeria

nigerian hip-hop
I’ll never forget the moment I actually fell in love with hip-hop. It was that fateful day when I was home from school, watching...

5 Nigerian Hip-Hop Battles We’d Love To See

So producer Kid Konnect put out a couple of hypothetical battles on twitter to guage responses from hip-hop fans in Nigeria, and some of...

Nigerian Hip-Hop Vs American Hip-Hop – Vector Speaks

Nigerian Hip-Hop has over the years grown without a doubt. We've watched the progression from when it started till date.The ambiguous question that is...

8 Songs That Shaped Nigerian Hip Hop

Over the years, our own brand of unique hip hop has witnessed tremendous change and improvement. Hiphop in Nigeria has grown from a small...

Top 5 Hip-Hop Lyricists In Nigeria

This is an area of putting out countdowns that I know is going to cause some controversy, but what the heck. We've never shied...