Bakanal de Afrique Announces Full Line-Up & Ticketing for 2020 Biennial Festival


Afro Urban Society (AUS) is pleased to announce that the fifth edition of our biennial festival Bakanal de Afrique (BdA), the world’s premier celebration of Pan-African Urban culture, community, and creatives, will go down on November 6-30, 2020. In response to COVID-19, the festival will be presented primarily online with select outdoor on-the-ground physical-distanced events. Attendees will be able to access the various experiences through an online portal at

Involving over 60 SF Bay Area creatives, and over 45 national and international artists, the month-long, mostly-digital program will be a dynamic endeavor; BdA will present more than 80 new videos, audios, visuals, 3-D art, performance projects, artist talks, and interactive activities by some of the most innovative and impact creatives, cultural producers, and masterminds from 12 countries and more than 40 cities across the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

“Our 2020 theme ‘Mi Soon Come’ explores urban transportation and its intersections with culture, class and citizenship; a multilayered theme especially in a time of ‘shelter-in-place’, global Black uprising, and drastic economic upheaval,” says AUS Executive Artistic Director and BdA Chairman of Import & Export Nkeiruka Oruche. “Bakanal de Afrique is creating a universe to transport to, one that celebrates the multiplicity of ‘place’ and ‘travel’ as it relates to us. Black people are naturally used to this concept; whether that means that your family migrated from Louisiana to the SF Bay Area; you’re a Cuban dancer who now calls Nassau home; you’re ethnically Igbo from Enugu but born and raised in Lagos; or you’re first gen Kenyan American, who grew up in Jo-burg, and are now in London for grad school. It is a multimedia experience, that although virtual, feels just like home.”

The 2020 Bakanal de Afrique (BdA) festival is supported by its dedicated community of individual and organizational partners including California Arts Council, Priority Africa Network, Dance Mission, Dancer’s Group, Akonadi Foundation, Alliance for California Traditional Arts, and EastSide Arts Alliance.

Tickets are now available on the festival’s website here, with day passes starting at $5 and a full festival pass starting at $50. The full slate of events and experiences will be announced in the coming weeks. For more overall information on the festival and its programs, visit

Bakanal de Afrique (BdA), is a multidisciplinary Afro Urban festival by Afro Urban Society that brings us together across cultures, and showcases new, emerging and underground urban art, culture and people through performance, workshops, visual media and conversations.  From its birth in 2009, Bakanal de Afrique intended to be a phenomenon that stretched the length and breadth of the world, and united Urban Africans in a unique way. BdA 2020 will be mainly virtual.


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