Woman Gives Birth On London Bound Arik Air Flight



You can it the baby of the skies as a woman on board an Arik Air flight with over 100 passengers en route to London went into labour and gave birth while the aircraft was airborne. The flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Palmas, Spain.

The mother was said to have experienced excessive hemorrhaging and the pilot was advised by doctors on board who helped deliver the baby, to make an emergency landing so the woman can seek medical attention.

At the time of this report, both mother and child were said to have been stable but were left behind in Palmas for monitoring by medical personnel, while the flight continued on its journey to London.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, full term pregnant women are not allowed to travel by air, and investigations are going on to determine if the said woman presented false documents to board the flight. Regulations state that women must provide documents stating that they are less than 32 weeks pregnant before checking in.


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