Why Always Picking on Men of God?


I try to keep my nose out of religious issues cos really, its not that much of my business and whenever anyone takes the side i am about to take, they are labelled a religious fanatic! But what needs to be said needs to be said so here i am saying it now!

Last night, while doing my usual blog aproko, i stumbled upon the lovely Linda Ikeji website and read a piece she had on there, (here it is – http://lindaikeji.blogspot.com/2010/09/men-of-god-and-acquisition-of-wealth.html) and i just got peeved by the time i finished reading it. It was basically talking about men of God and their “excessive” acquisition of wealth. (abeg, just read it or look through it so i don’t have to explain and i can just go ahead to what i have to say)

It pains me that people seem to forget that pastors are also human beings and they put them to this special pedestal as if they are to do no wrong. In doing that, they put them in a position of God and that is mistake #1. People get so devastated or even lose their way when they find out that a man of God that they looked up to has done something wrong. Why? Isn’t he human just like you and me? Granted he is supposed to be deeper in God, but he still lives in the same world and is tempted just as much (maybe even more) than us. And especially since he is busy trying to keep up with all the prayer points people have dumped on him, he doesn’t have as much time to pray for himself. And be honest with yourself, how many times do you go to God especially for the same pastor you got praying for all your own wahala? Then you expect him to be superman and overcome everything!!! Abegi!

Also, another reason people use as excuses to not do their duties for God and in the church include, (as Ms. Linda stated) ” the money i pay for tithe will go into the pastor’s pocket and i need it more than him”. Well to quote the bible as well, Malachi 3:10 says “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, “I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!” It doesn’t tell you to analyze what the money is being used for. That’s between the church and God, and if they are using it for the wrong things, God’s judgment will be worse than anything you could ever conceive. In not paying your tithes, you are actually punishing yourself more than anything else. You do your part and leave the rest to God. Let him fight his own battles.

Another one that irks me is the whole thing about people believing that if a pastor has a lot of material possessions, he is getting them by taking money from the church. Most churches don’t even give total monetary access to the pastor like that. Also, most pastors have side businesses, so it is an even bigger slap in the face saying being rich and being a pastor are mutually exclusive, unless they are stealing from the church.

And finally, the pastor is supposed to be the spiritual head over a person so you are not entitled to scold him in any way. If you feel like he is doing something wrong, pray for him to do better (or if you are not feeling that magnanimous, pray to God to deal with him!) Nothing gets accomplished by you slandering the pastor, because that will just be bad for everyone involved. Besides, you don’t know the journey that said man of God has been on with God and so if God is blessing him and he is excessively acquiring wealth, you are just heaping curses on your own head by running your mouth.  Leave everything to God and just do your own part so things are right between you and your God, everything else will sort itself out. Always remember 1Chronicles 16:22 Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

And of course, the false prophets who are actually guilty of doing God and his people dirty (because not all of them are true ones), leave them to God to be dealt with. And if you are in that kind of environment, abeg leave quickly before they make you sin. Me i’ve said my piece, feel free to call me whatever names you want to because of it but what is right is right and vice versa!


  1. You are absolutely right about people substituting "Men of God" for "God". That says it all. But then you come round and create a negation to defeat your brilliant words by defending the now so called "Men of God" by pointing out their frailties, and if they have frailties they should be pointed out because of the gospel of love. The obvious defect Linda points to in her blog is admissible in any argument. If their frailties are pointed out from our love of one another they can correct their mistakes. One cannot but feel sorry for the many ignorant people out there who for example is a gate man and is miraculously told He would be a million when circumstances prove otherwise(this statement is self-assertive). Truth be told it is clear to see and know that One cannot serve money and God. There's no way! Please consider thoughtfully and not sentimentally. Thank you.

  2. Hmmm, interesting. However, too often 'we' try to rationalise God and His Word. Truth be told, if God cannot defend Himself (& by extension His Word), why do we think we can help Him?

    Let's all live life (& do your part) and allow the other person to live life.

    Commit a 'crime' against the laws of (the) land, and its government will take you on.

    Commit a 'crime' against God (or His Word) and He will equally take you on.

    Very simple……

  3. Preach it!!!

    I ALWAYS say, the church is like a hospital. The congregation are patients and pastors are doctors and nurses and all what else. If you go to church expecting people to be 'perfect', then we should expect the same of our hospitals!! Or don't you know that doctors make for the worse patients?

    Men of God are first men, before they are of God. If a man can fall, so can a man of God.

    Is what he's preaching true and based on God's Word? Then follow it, not the Pastor.

  4. judge not so u'll not be judged. my advice to all "dont talk about men of God/God's prophets" if they curse u, e go definately affect u…dont criticize any church or religion. think of something better in changing the world..ciao!

    • Forget that thing, na them curse pass, why would they curse? is it part of their calling to do so

      lets not be blind please

  5. I think it is very reasonable to hold church leaders accountable, especially when the church is accumulating millions of dollars every year. To think that just because we have paid our tithes and offerings we can now close our eyes because we have done our part. This is very naive. I am not accusing all pastors of stealing church funds for personal wealth but the reality is that there are many that have done this. Are we really questioning whether some of these churches are truly carrying out the work of God. Are they providing tools for members of their congregation to also enrich their wellbeing? Some would not make the comparison between religious leaders and politicians but I believe that they are both accountable a large group of people who rely on them and look to them as examples within the community. If we can question the spending of political figures why cant we do the same to our church leaders. In my opinion there is no way a church can justify the purchase of a private jet! Anybody that knows anything about these jets knows that it cost an astronomical amount of money just for a one way trip. I dont expect that heads of large churches should live in squalor because I know there are certain demand that come along with the job but I do expect them to exercise good judgement when it come to spending churches finances. We should be able to expose those who take advantage of their power while also applauding those who utilize church resources for the betterment of the congregation and society as a whole.

  6. I agree with williams, when you say judge not, but who is to even say all these men are truly men of God, just because someone proclaims God, Allah or Jesus doesnt mean they are indeed men of God. During Jesus time he shunned the wealthy and dined with the poor and the afflicted. Should men of God not be Christ-like?

    That being said some preachers actually have other sources of income, but it is a well not fact that in some churches all that is being preached in prosperity. So is wealth now being equated to one's relationship with God.

    People need to focus on their personal relationships with God, pastors and imams are there for guidance…we need to learn about our religions and stop relying on other people. Cos at the end of the day they are just that…people.

  7. what nonsense article…..if you are going to condemn an article another blogger has written, at least have real facts. It is amazing how many people use Malachi to justify money being poured into churches(pastor's pocket)..please do your research properly.

    And as for 1st Chronicles……is that what Jesus said or what Paul wrote…..

    Learn your bible, know the facts……infact learn more about Jesus and less about tithes.

  8. I completely agree with Linda's article. While there is truth in your point that men of God are men that doesn't excuse the things the do. And yes ,your tithe is between you and God, you pay it because it is his law and not for the church, but….it doesn't mean you can't question extravagance that goes on in the churches and wonder where the money comes from. I am completely against men of God owing exotic cars and private jets. Jesus commanded his disciple to take nothing with them when going to minister, and to accept live on people’s generosity. While I am not advocating this lifestyle today it does suggest a certain standard of living suggested for men of God. But above all, how do these men of God justify all their worldly possession when even within their churches, communities, states and the world in general people own nothing and are struggling to survive. I don't grudge business men or for profit organizations anything they own. But when your purpose is to serve God and be “Jesus like” I definitely hold you to a higher standard


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