Which is safer flying? Abroad or Nigeria ?

Arik Air
Arik Air

I know we all think that flying is safe. Just buy ticket, enter plane, chop small snack, listen to the ipod, and land safely. But as of late that has not really been the case. In the last 6 months I can remember 3 different issues concerning US airplanes that have gone down and have proved fatal for all those on board except the miracle on the Hudson (which is a story of its own … Praise the Lord). We hear these things but we just brush them off to the side and keep flying but when a plane crashes in Nigeria we become outraged and annoyed at the Aviation department for allowing shady planes to fly in our air space.

When we enter Naija for Xmas we brave the six hour car ride or bus ride home (depending on how much money you get) just to avoid flying. We complain about flying and our friends ask why not just fly you reply Lia lia “a whole me flying in Nigeria, you will never catch me on a Nigerian flight”. Why is that? Is it because we have heard of horror stories of people flying in Nigeria? I have heard the same horror stories such as the plane shaking, smoke coming from engine and so on … If my memory serves me right there has not been a plane crash in Nigeria almost 3 years. The last one dates back to October 2006. That crash killed 100 people and the one prior eighty people.

In the United alone flying has not been such a safe bet. The Buffalo crash killed 49 people on board and the recent Air France (Delta) tragedy killed over 220 people. Why are people not upset at the United States/French Aviation Department? Where is the public outcry that we would scream if it was a Nigeria plane? The Buffalo flight crashed because of human error not because of any natural disaster. Is there a double standard here? So it looks like in the past two years that flying in Nigeria seems like a safer bet. So when I enter Naija this Christmas I will for sure be flying one of the Arik Airways flights … Lia Lia … LOL.

Funny enough I am due to fly this weekend …. Maybe I should drive. Nope! God has got my back


  1. This is not an accident ?!

    Air France jet with 228 people on board is feared to have crashed in the ocean off the coast of Brazil.

    Heard this on the radio earlier on my way back home from the mall. Air France flight AF 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris disappeared from the radar while flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

    The video from the scene:Air France jet-video-online

  2. We are not mad at the American/French Aviation industry because how often do you hear of air disasters around these parts? Shey after those back to back crashes in '06, folk had to crack down on the Nigerian Aviation industry and discovered that a whole bunch of those planes needed serious maintenance.

    Ultimately sha, nothing is guaranteed no matter how developed the country appears to be. All we can do is pray and ask God for constant protection.

  3. Yeah, I've noticed a slight increase in air accidents in the US over the past couple of months myself. Ultimately no one is completely safe, but I would say that some things need to be tightened in the aviation industry in the US. I was watching a piece on CNN the other day that really concerned me… esp with all the smaller passenger plane companies that fly for larger airlines… a lot of patch work is done during maintenance that should not be done.

  4. Meen…real talk, in the past 2-3 months, I dnt think there's been any 2wks we don't see or hear about some plane related issue or accident! I'm starting to have a funny feeling about flying here coz the last Delta I flew 4rm London to Atlanta scared the crap outta me (no kidding)! I think there are lots of "managing" going on instead putting safety first. I'm even more concerned with this internet-on-air thing going on now coz I dnt want no pervert pilot browsing porn or even caking on facebook instead of doing his job! 9ja is on a whole new level…1 aircraft services the entire route of an airline i.e. 1 plane goes ENU – LOS, LOS – ABJ, ABJ – LOS, LOS – OWR, OWR – ENU & ENU – LOS!!! I don't know if they think these planes are made out of materials that never wear out, I say both situations, yankee & 9ja are same thing. Just pray say God never sign your death warrant.

  5. I think the reason a lot of people don't get so mad about the plane crashes here is because the plane crashes that happen here are mostly not due to human error that could be prevented or planes that have been banned in other countries and then conveniently used as the main aircraft of airlines back home. Like take for instance the LJC plane crash in Nigeria that killed those student coming from Abuja, that could have been totally avoided. if we had the right system in place, in case of a crash landing at a major airport(PHC). I am not saying that Americans do not have any blame whatsoever but, I just feel a lil more safe when I fly here because if anything happens the air hostesses, would actually know how to use the life vest and ish, you should see the ones on a Naija plane trynna explain that stuff to you, PURE COMEDY!

  6. The reason we don't blame the American/Western Europe air industry is because at any given time they are about 4000 individual flights up there. If one goes down, let's use our math skills here that means .0025% failure rate. Contrast that with our country which if we discount flights from outside Naija's borders we maybe have 20 flights maximum in the air. That nah why we dey fear no be say oyinbo better pass nah just say our priorities no include air safety.

  7. i agree, flyin in Nigeria is seeming safer considering the recent trend of planes habitually falling off western skies! but i beg to differ on your choice of airline…

    i'm gonna be flyin Virgin Nigeria when i return this christmas! i hear they've got a dedicated attitude towards safety as it is their watch word…happy flying guys!

  8. I used to have the same fear about flying in naija but my last trip made me a believer in what we have in naija. I enter the Arik Air flight ( I carry small confidence cos I know when dem start to dey buy their plane from my work place) so as per na tear rubber plane I no mind. Then the captain come introdonkowa himself….omo fear grip me but long story short….once the plane started to taxi and the fluid movement come tell me say the guy sabi and the subsequent take off come make me sleep sef. But yes…….flying is safe anywhere. Naija is taking gradual steps to correct their mistakes….thanks for the implementation of the new radar in ABJ and LOS and the drastic move to modernize the airplanes flying in naija……I no go fear. Even better if dem continue to dey buy Boeing planes!!!


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