Where Did UberFacts Get This Stat About Power In Nigeria?


UberFacts got very popular over the past couple of years for stating very fascinating and interesting “facts” that quite frankly many people believed and couldn’t or didn’t bother to verify. I’ve always taken their facts with a pinch of salt.

While a good amount of their facts are scientific facts that are mostly correct, a huge chunk are stats are quite frankly just made up or exgerrated by people who submit them in.

A few days ago, UberFacts tweeted this stat about power in Nigeria:

Now I think we can all agree that power in Nigeria is pretty bad, and has been for as long as we can remember, but certainly it can’t be that bad? A toaster consumes about 800W of power, and the general number thrown out there in terms of power generation is Nigeria is at about 3400MW. So really it’s more like 4250 toasters as opposed to 44. Now it’s not like as a Nigerian I’m proud of this as we all know power in Nigeria is atrocious, but haba UberFacts… Get it together. LOL.  Needless to say Nigerians (as we always do lol) attacked UberFacts on twitter:

Do You Think Power In Nigeria Is As Bad As UberFacts Said?

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