When You Live In A Jungle


As with all other such notes I will start with a disclaimer of sorts. I do not know the 4 boys brutally murdered in Aluu. I do not know if they are cultists, criminals or just people in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also do not by any means support what the people in that community did and I hope justice is served and the culprits brought to book.

What I do know however is that Nigerians need to stop acting on sentiment and face value. We need to stop being hypocrites and hiding from truths. As I scroll through the social media sites, especially on twitter I see how most people call those aluu people barbarians and devils. I also see what many people feel should b edone to these barbarians….*pause*….hypothetically now, let’s assume the man u saw in that video is caught, stripped and is being beaten up by these “good-hearted tweeting Nigerians”, he deserves it right? After-all he is an animal. Now let’s assume further that some1 video-taped you while doing this to this man and it was watched by a totally oblivious stranger, what will he call you? A barbarian perhaps?

Allow me to stray a little bit now; if u have been to a university in southern Nigeria where cultism reigns, if u have seen how fellow humans/students have been intimidated, raped and often times killed by some apparently soulless youths in the name of some fraternity, or more-so if u lived in smaller off campus villages like aluu, you would perhaps understand slightly the point I’m trying to make. In a village where the people’s daughters have been raped, peoples life-savings stolen in seconds, people are hungry and frustrated and being made to suffer worse by the fellows around them, yes indeed conditioned turned the people into animals.

The community gathered to celebrate the “victory” of their vigilante group. They saw people who they believed to be criminals,(perhaps wrong-fully so). They came out to see jungle justice done to the men who raped their daughter, who killed their sons, the men who were responsible for sleepless nights…..*pause*….. But wait? They should’ve taken them to the Nigerian Police Force right? But don’t we know what would’ve happened? Don’t we know that the criminals would return as usual after a routine settlement and continue to torment them?

Now I know it seems as though I am judging those poor boys, but I am not, please don’t misunderstand me, perhaps indeed they just went to collect owed money and or victims of circumstance but we should think deep and understand the origin of the in-humanity of the aluu, who live in a jungle where life is not fair, where terror is the watch word, where death means nothing. They are a product of our failed judicial system, where we truly in the depth of our hearts have lost faith in everyone but ourselves.

Now to the hypocrisy of my dear Nigerians; We all heard on friday that 4 students where burnt alive by villagers, we shook our heads as usual and said what a pity, but it was only after we watched the video did the out-rage really manifest, becauce we actually saw what indeed has been happening for ages in those parts. Did we not hear how 46 students where called out by name and executed in Mubi? Imagine if u saw a footage of that. Did we not know that Bakassi vigilante groups brutally slaughtered hundreds of people years ago in cold blood on the streets. Imagine if u saw a footage of that. But oh no they were guilty you say, how do u know? Were they tried? And now they cheer in praise and share pics of the community leader being paraded naked around PH. Oh because you saw the crime on-line abi? Did you see his face in the video? Has he been tried? Isn’t that jungle justice?

May the souls of those poor brutalized boys rest in peace. I am a 100% sure they are victims of circumstance one way or another, but I hope my dear Nigerians learn lessons and see that when you live in a jungle, the streets are your court-rooms and God is the only one that can save your soul.


  1. The title of this blog sums it up. When people live in a jungle, they will behave like animals. Something has to give sha.

  2. “In a village where the people’s daughters have been raped, peoples life-savings stolen in seconds, people are hungry and frustrated and being made to suffer worse by the fellows around them, yes indeed conditioned turned the people into animals”. and condition would serve them the justice they deserve.

  3. Peoples daughters raped,life-savings stolen, in a community like Aluu, its d so called youths that cause most of the menace, i ave stayed in aLuu and i know how dis community youths terrorize students in one way or the other.. Dey attack students at midnight rape or steal from them . Dis foolish illiterates dat indulged in dis gruesome act are the thieves demselves,any1 dat could take life in such a carlos way can possibly do anyfin., no one bothered to ask were the phones of d deceased were••am sure if the youths had found out dat d boys were from dat same community dey wouldn’t ave gone dat far..but since the victims were students they took the matter upon themselves•• Aluu youths ave never liked students right from d onset ,as if anyone told them not to go to school… Mtchwwwww* so annoying•• Я.ℓ̊.p_ ugo,lloyd,teks,& alladin

  4. Please Writer much as you have tried to be factual and stae the obvious it comes across as justifying the brutal killings of dis young boys by a deluded community! What is the proof that this community was being as tormented by armed robbers as they claimed they were? But did they catch dis boys in d act of raping dia daugthers? did dey catch dem in d act of looting dia community dry? No! I assure u dis is not d only so called “criminals” dis community woulda killed in dis manner…d gusto with which the killing was carried out proves it wasn’t new to them…dia was no second thought, no pause to think over what they were about to do. This isn’t new in this country and yeah maybe we do turn blind eye to it cos nothing is ever proved but the difference here is that we all saw the video and a good thing at that cos’ Nigerians need to wake up to there feelings. Mr or Mrs writter! d fact or supposition that this community was being terrorised by armed robbers is no justification for what dey dis PLS and stop trying to sugar coat it!


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