What’s up with every Nigerian Teen and the Recent Obsession with modelling?


This question has been hovering over my thoughts for quite a while. As outlandish as this may seem (indeed some might find it rhetorical), the answer has shown to be a bit cumbersome.

Starting with myself, going a few years back. I recall my burning desire to be seen on tv screens or billboards in various major cities. Soothingly then, I discovered most of my friends at that age (about 16-20yrs old) shared the same passion for such ‘publicity’. At that point, the only thing I couldn’t give up for the ‘screens’ was my education (yes! thats how much I love school).

As we grow older, our past passion for certain things gradually fades. But for others, this particular passion appears to grow stronger. This day, It is almost not suprising, nearly everyone wants to be ‘a fashion model’, or atleast called a ‘model’. When asked why? The most probable question one is always likely to get is… ‘they want the fame that comes with it!’ (afterall, don’t we all want the fame?).

Most of us are only aware and concerned about the fame, but hadly of the hardships and demands that come therewith. Everyone wants to find themselves amongst the likes of David Agbodiji, Warebi and Dolapo; with no idea on the sweat and strains behind the ‘beautiful smiles’ and ‘perfect bodies’. This is the ultimate reason behind what I tend to call ‘attempt and run’ models.  Others, the only reason they develop interest in the career is because they are given a convincing compliment (or a nice instagram comment), giving them a high spirit…I must add. ( as beautiful as we all must think we are, come on! Not all compliments are true!).

As much as most of the intending models have reasonable qualities, the sad thing is the existence of more of such intending models than the various agencies can entertain. This often ends with such ‘qualities’ being stranded or rather hopeless. For this particular reason, aside one’s modelling ambition, one should take a stab at other fields/career to avoid been left with an unachieved or no career at all. Du reste, one can aim to be a public Icon in one’s field/career. This can only be achieved by attaining a level of success in one’s career to an extent of being a public face.

Finally, such ‘public faces’ would be hired under various modelling contracts for commercial adverts, speeches, and/or even faces of certain brands/labels. Instead of waiting for that modelling dreams that seem far fetched, individuals should build their ways around it.


  1. Yeah, I used to have a burning desire to be a model maybe I still do. It wasn’t because of money or fame for me tho, I think I just wanted something I could be committed to, an easy way to begin my long life. Nice article.


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