This Video Will Show You Just How Serious Boko Haram Are


You think Boko Haram is not a serious to the Nigerian state? Here is a video released by Boko Haram themselves showing just what we’re fighting. Watching this video gave me chills. They have armored tanks, heavy weaponry and more. These are not petty noise makers here. They have pretty much declared war, and we should take it as such.

In his just released video, Mr. Shekau said Boko Haram insurgents were grateful to “Allah who gave us victory to attack Abuja and also the Yobe [State] town called Damaturu. We still thank God for the successful bombing of Damboa and other parts of Nigeria. We are grateful to Allah for the big victory he granted our members in Gwoza and made the town part of our Islamic Caliphate.”

As stated earlier, Boko Haram have “captured” Gwoza, and declared it their Islamic Caliphate, and in this video you see exactly what that means. They own the town pretty much.

If you can watch through the whole video, go ahead. If not, you can fast forward to about the 24 min mark. Some highlights – The Armored tanks, civilians and soldiers fleeing, and Boko Haram marchinh through Gwoza


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