Video: Nigerian Passengers On Arik Flight From Lagos To New York Stage Protest Inside Aircraft | Banky W On Board Flight Also



Wow! Wow! Wow! If someone had told me this was coming, I would’ve actually believed. Anyone who has flown Arik from Lagos to New York can attest that the Arik, which started off so well when it started flying that route, has significantly dropped in their standards.

The AC was not working on the flight from Lagos to New York before takeoff and after an hour of not being able to bear the heat, the passengers got rowdy and started protesting and demanding to speak to someone about the AC situation.

One of our celebrities, Banky W was on the flight and also joined in to ask questions as to why the AC was not on.

Just watch. Video courtesy of SaharaTV


  1. shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame. to think i just bought an arik ticket to london yesterday. well i guess i was constrained by time. most better airlines were booked. when will Nigerians begin to get things done properly? imagine if we had other nationals on board.? can anyone really recommend arik after this?. NJ. LAGOS.

  2. whoever, recorded this and sent to jaguda, thank you so much and God bless u. pls spread this information and video. to think that ARIK will not vene bother to pay compensation to all that have been wounded and hurt in this. do you realize that an asthmatic patient could have fainted and died under this condition. ARIK NA ONLY UNA LIKE MONEY ABI??. i will direct as many people as possible to this site to watch this absolute nonsense from ARIK. what ever happened to consumer rights in this country.?/ they just dish out rubbish to us and get paid for it without remorse , they collect the money and sit tight and walking around in an illusion of wealthy and influential idiots!!!

  3. It is soo alarming that we nigerians dont know our right.the incident that happened is just a reminder of the fact that we are black and we dont have a say in certain me racist but a load of you would agree with me that this would never happen to a white person.does this make us agressive by fighting for what is right and just.think nigerians ….think


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