Video: #BringBackOurGirls Sr Special Assistant To President Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, Speaks To CNN On Steps Taken By Nigerian Govt



Sr Special Assistant to the president of Nigeria on public affairs, Doyin Okupe, spoke with CNN and explained the actions and steps being taken by the Nigerian government to rescue the 234 schoolgirls that were abducted by Boko Haram almost 3 weeks ago.

It sure sounds like he’s saying a lot of stuff, and let’s hope it’s all true.


  1. Are you freaking kidding me? Hear this foolish hypocrite talking about battalions have been deployed to the forests, planes and helicopters have been searching, in fact the entire Nigerian army has been sent to look for these girls. In fact Stallone, Schwazenneger, Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis, James Bond, the Avengers, Spiderman, Bat man, Iron man, the incredible Hulk, Columbo, Olivia Pope Associates, they have all been deployed into the bushes to find these girls ehn? This Doyin Okupe is a complete disgrace to the human race! May God punish him! Yet another 8 girls were kidnapped this weekend! This interview is a total sham! DOyin Okupe and Ruben Abati, GEJ’s spokespeople! “Dia is God!” Aka MAdame Patience Jonathan!

  2. What he just said cannot be translated to what is on ground. No one is asking the Nigerian government to reveal their security strategies on how the want to rescue the girls but no reasonable/intelligent government will leave parents and citizens in the dark for over 2weeks and now come out to say they are on top of things, there is what is called Public Relations and the Nigerian government should have employed all measures to give families and citizens some air/sense of ”work is being done” to rescue the girls through a good PR but none of such as explored. Instead political rallies for 2015 is ongoing…… this government is a scam and complete jokers.

    • You have said the whole truth, Randy!
      And she was right, this stupid BH has been operating since 2002. It did not just start in 2009. They have been growing in boldness and impunity, because the government has not been taking forceful, definitive action against them. GEJ is the worst, just folding his arms and smiling while people are getting slaughtered in their beds, in churches and on the streets as they go about their business. Many parents are afraid to send their kids to school because of the threats. And this fool is vomitting rubbish and telling bold-faced lies. They are more concerned about the optics rather than the violent and senseless loss of lives.


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