The Unspoken Branch Of Our Booming Economy; Prostitution



So we we’re just listed as part of the MINT nations expected to be among the top economies in a bunch of years, and despite all the complains about government and hardship I think we can all agree that over the past 15yrs of democracy there has been some improvement; we have more money in more hands, politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers, traders, you know the deal. We are recorded as having the highest rise in champagne consumption in the world. Not the highest consumer yet, but the highest rise. All in all just means that a lot more people have some extra cash to splash on recreation and pleasure, and what is more pleasurable to your average lad than sex? Food perhaps?

For the sake of clarity lets see what the dictionary has to say about this big word.

Engaging in sexual activity with another person in exchange for compensation, such as money or other valuable goods.
Worthy of note, it says “sexual activity” and “such as” and “valuable goods” so before u try to dodge any accusing finger take note of those keys words.

Go out at night in any of the major Nigerian cities and it will be glaring for all to see that this industry is an employer of a remarkable amount of citizens. The money flowing through the industry is astounding to say the least. Though statistics are sparse, some circles believe that prostitution ranks in the top 10 booming industries behind politics, oil, banking, telecoms, entertainment, contraction/construction. Some may even argue that we should do what the US is trying to do with marijuana, legalize and tax this industry, but that’s topic for another day. Let me head to the meat of the matter and go more into this fascinating Nigerian enterprise. Prostitution has categories, and I’ll try to work it up according to the value of the goods for sale here.

This is also known as the full time prostitute. These ones live in brothels, are available 24hrs a day, usually cited in old hotels or behind bars and small shyo joints. She is usually a hardened girl/woman from a relatively poor home, some from villages. The goods are usually advertised by them walking around the bars, where there is music they dance in skimpy outfits, a wide variety is at display, fat, slim, dark, light, boobs, ass, young, old, alarmingly elderly.

The Customer; Usually customers are low income earners; the laborers who drink and sleep away their daily fare, the armed robbers, agberos, truck and taxi drivers, police men etc.

The Negotiation; In many cities you’re likely to find “short-time”(1round of sex in your selected girls room) between N300-N1000 and all night take away (popularly known as TDB) between N2000-N5000 depending on the many variables of city, spec, demand etc.



These ones are the most glaring of them all, you don’t need to go out of your way to find them, in every town there is usually a popular street or segment of town where they are known to congregate. They are made up of a wider variety of girls, secondary school graduates who weren’t able to find the next path, some poorer, less-attractive, less-connected students, some migrants looking for a better life in the cities, sha a more mellow set of girls than the brothel ladies. They are found standing alone or in pairs, dress to market their selling points; cleavage, ass, legs, purity (dressed as hajiyas and what not).

The Costumer; I don’t know of many street hookers who get walked to their destinations. So it would only make sense that thier customers own cars, and most have houses or money for a hotel, so its composed of mainly middle income earners, young workers, married men who tire of thier wives, students, small business men etc.

The Negotiation; Varies from town to town. “Short-time” from around N2000-N4000 and TDB from N3000-10, 000


The attempted kick by the NPF against the battalion of women on the streets particularly in Abuja gave birth to this category. It also presented an opportunity for the less connected student prostitute (see next class) to market herself in a less obvious manner and also pose a sound competition to the street prostitute, so this in a sense is a melting pot for the student and street category.

This is also a fascinating category as statistics show that up to 70% of unaccompanied girls in Abuja clubs are for sale. These ones are generally more attractive, very well dressed, with fancy phones, more often than not educated to tertiary level, many still in school. They usually market their products by their outfits, dancing skills and wooing capabilities. Usually seen in pairs, rarely alone, with a single drink or find themselves attached to a table of an acquaintance, possibly a previous customer. Some of these girls are exceptionally beautiful, you would be amazed.

The Customer; Usually working class men, foreigners (often also seen actively shopping with a solitary can of beer), less wealthy elderly men, wealthier students etc.

The Negotiation; This interestingly varies alot, depends on your destination, and mostly on the time of the night, the value of the goods tend to depreciate with time as the serious customers make thier picks and the ladies left behind often have to make do with the scraps. N4000-N20, 000.

The guys in this category usually calculate that why spend an average of N10, 000 to N30, 000 taking an average looking girl to the movies and for lunch when they ain’t even sure she will drop. When by 4am you can negotiate an exceptional looking babe as low as N5000. This at a point became the norm amongst young working class men in cities like Abuja.


The world has gone tech savvy, you can now buy everything online, and there was no way an industry as large and lucrative as this would be left out of this.This is a relatively new category, and many a girl above have chosen this to supplement for the previously lost daytime hours. More pronounced on gps sites like 2go, Badoo, also on bbm, facebook etc. The girls are usually an extension of the street prostitute but due to discretion more people are bold enough to go into this, they chat online, inevitably the guy asks to meet them, then they negotiate the location and price, on bbm they are available pimps of sorts, they send the pictures of the goods, give you a price and deliver to your doorstep, just like eBay. You are however not likely to find the classier student or club prostitute playing here.

The customer; Mainly young men who can operate a phone. Varies from young workers to students etc.

The Negotiation; Also available on short-time and TDB bases from N2000-N4000 short to N3000-N9000 TDB depending on your negotiating skills.


I think we call them runs girls abi? Now I’ll throw away those that I’ve described previously and focus on the runs girls. By this I mean students that travel and stand on the road or practice club prostitution are not discussed in this segment, though often enough they stray across categories, no one plans to stay small.

Now these runs girls don’t work alone, they usually have a pimp of sorts and usually need to get introduced to the business, its the highest paying category so u can’t expect anyone to get in. It also has a career pathway based on connection, many go in as students and continue after graduation and climb up the ladder of success till they become pimps or retire to private businesses and entrepreneurship.

It works in different ways one of which is the popular ushering work. Here the girls get invited to serve as ushers in big occasions and conferences, the client sees them, makes his pick and negotiates with the supplier or directly with the goods. Those who are unfortunate enough not to get selected get paid for the ushering work as compensation. Also they are free to exchange numbers and arrange for meetings at a later date.

Another category is the album technique. some big hotels have liaised with the pimps and thus when a wealthy man comes to spend some nights in the city he can order a girl, here exclusive secret albums are usually available for the client to select from, he flips through the pics and makes his pick. He negotiates with the pimp and on from there. Also in this category we have the direct pimp-client relationship, where the pimp simply supplies the clients spec directly to him. This is usually done by semi-retired girls who at some point quit the game and handed over the men to the younger girls. It is worthy to note that very often these relationships turn to some kind of semi-long-term affairs, the men keep the good performing girls around and often prefer to have a steady girl.

Also on invite to some parties the girls will be required to be screened for HIV and other STIs. Protected and un-protected sex often on the play cards. There are several other methods but the constant here is the client- pimp- girl relationship. All getting a pretty fair bargain. If you back-stab your pimp, you often get to lose the client and further contacts.

The Client; Yes at this point we don’t call them customers, we call them clients. Some wealthy business men but mostly politicians and top government officials.

The Negotiation; No “short-time” here… btw N25000 – N200, 000 for take home. Longer lasting relationships then involve non specific amounts, usually varying sums with an assortment of gifts, cars, trip abroad etc.

Mercy Johnson in the movie "Mary The Prostitute"
Mercy Johnson in the movie “Mary The Prostitute”


These are often girls who appear to be working class girls, young beautiful girls dressed in suits and varying professional but hot outfits. Usually placed in offices to attract customers, most commonly are in the marketing sections, where they are giving certain targets to attract, the customers come or they go out and meet them, negotiations often done in a more subtle manner as not all marketers are prostitutes and not all clients care for the second good. The most common approach is “come and meet me later” in a more convenient location like home or a hotel to discuss the “business” better. They vary from bank marketers, pharmaceutical companies, construction companies, basically anything that needs the big wealthy men to chose from an array of options. Also worthy of note here is that the girls are often tested during the interview for the job, they usually have to sleep with the employer or his allies to get the job, what many don’t realize is that it is actually the test for your main duties in that office. Not always the case of course as many of you reading this will testify.

The Client; Wealthy businessmen mainly, also politicians and elders in the private sector.

The Negotiation; The girls often make do with some gifts/cash depending on the clients generosity but the main deal is the contract or deposits worth hundreds of thousands to millions for which they are paid a commission from the boss and possible promotions with subsequent deals. A very subtle corporate affair.


These are those who think the name prostitute is just too vulgar and simply cannot have sex in exchange for money, to her it is vile and wrong. So what does she do? She “dates” rich guys purely because they are rich. You see these ones often calling an old married man baby, they tell themselves all sorts of lies about why they just like him, how they can’t believe they fell in love with a married man (conveniently never a poor one) , not only married men, young men too are involved, celebrities commonly fit in here, and I don’t mean the groupies who do them for free and post sleeping pics on twitter.

The Client; Anyone with money, and willing to spend it on a young hot girl, celebs, bisiness men, politicians etc.

The Negotiation; Because prostitution is bad there is usually no outright negotiation, he showers her with gifts, pays her rent, school fees, money for hair etc. Usually before u even get a kiss u would have dashed out some significant cash, that’s the only way she knows your serious. Some amateurs atimes fall prey and drop the goods before he flashes the cash due to some illusion that it is there. That often back-fires.

Now I know I missed some categories, hell who knows it all, in an industry so big and complicated, its a wonder I could gather this much information. So feel free to add to our database and enlighten me on more perhaps more discreet categories.

MY ARGUMENT; This is obviously a multimillion naira industry. It is a known fact that on every given weekend the money exchanging hands in this business is in billions, and as evident around the world curbing it has failed, so do we perhaps consider controlling it? Making it safer for the girls? Safer for the men? Perhaps issue licenses to practice and tax as appropriate, I know the tax generated could be used for so many useful things. But I know 90% will shout NO, its immoral, we can’t promote this in our african culture, blah blah blah,….but when 90% say no who then patronises all these girls on a daily basis.

THEIR ARGUMENT; The girls have a say too. It usually goes like this. Sex is a sin, but everyone (almost; I know your not doing it dear reader) is doing it. Why then will I give my body to some useless young boy who gives me nothing in exchange, I even feed him and loan him money that he never returns. Why shouldn’t I kuku perform that same sin with a man who has something to offer. I need the money, times are hard.

MY RESPONSE; Yes tell yourself that if it makes u sleep at night, its a bit heartbreaking to see that modern prostitution is no longer as a result of necessity as it used to be, but done now just to live in a false sense of achievement. Done for iPhones and Brazilian hair. Expensive apartments and flashy cars, trips to Dubai and London, and array of clothes, shoes and bags. A considerable amount of modern day prostitutes do it for worldly things. But hey, we can’t stop them, its been going on since money was invented, we might as well tax them. Why should a leading industry go tax free.

FINAL WORD; Remember ladies the business is like football, you’re a hot wonder kid at 18, at your peak in your 20s and up for retirement in your 30s. Some may play champions league, some may stay at enyimba, some end up as coaches in the future, but its a short career as a player. Invest wisely, keep your contacts, think of the future and try to stay disease free. Goodluck to your future husbands.

P.S-  Who wants to hear of what happens after retirement? Who marries them? How do u know if your wife is a retired prostitute? Or runz girl sounds better? Topic for another day.


Disclaimer: This post is in no way endorsing prostitution, but merely stating the facts of our society in Nigeria. It is also purely the views of the writer.


  1. The writer’s view on prostitution its worth pondering as regards taxing them.
    Buh I’m anxiously waiting for the part 2 of this piece; who marries them? How do u knw if ur wyf is a retired prostitute(runs girl)?

  2. Nice right up.
    The writer did a good job in trying to dissect the ‘illness’ of a society like Nigeria.
    Though the Prostitute also have a big role in keeping the sanity of the Society: atleast they help to to reduce incident of RAPE.
    Taking a pause here, there’s one question I will like to ask: are MALES included in this brand of People Called Prostitute? cos I know a few of them who have sex with Men/Women for Money
    Really looking forward to the follow-up conclusion: WHO MARRIES THEM?


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