University Of Port-Harcourt Shut Down As Students Set Omuokiri-Aluu On Fire


The University of Port Harcourt has been shutdown indefinitely as students of the University of Port Harcourt, went on the rampage Tuesday protesting the murder of four of their colleagues by youths in Omuokiri-Aluu community  last Friday. About 12 homes have been set ablaze by angry students.

Dr William Wordi, a spokesperson for the University confirmed the closure of the school.  An official statement is still yet to be released.

Students from other institution under  the aegis of National Association of Nigeria Students, NANS, stormed the university  to mobilize  students in Port Harcourt to protest against the brutal killing of three of their colleagues and one other  by riotous youths in Omuokiri-Aluu community  last friday.

Sources said while the Vice Chancellor came to plead with the students to shun any temptation to be violent some of the students immediately started hurling sachet water at him.

The killings of 4 uniport student by an angry mob have caused an outrage in the whole country ever since the video made its way to the internet on Saturday.

Sources have also said that the Aluu community has been deserted ever since news reached that there would be arrests made following the killings.



  1. D students of uniport shud do more dey shud teach d wicked aluu community A̶̲̥̅̊ lesson,dy shud wipe dem out

  2. Just last week, where over 42 students was brutally gun down by yet to be identify gun men in Mubi are of Adamawa state, we only heard that investigation has commenced. Enough is enough, all the students in nigeria universities should map out plan, becouse we are going to invade the community no life we be spared.

  3. Nigerian government need to wake up n beef up their security section very well because I cant imagine how four young, able, promising, handsome boys would be killed disgracefully wtout d police coming to the aid of those boys when our hard currencies are been looted without been touched by anybody while innocent boyz are been killed for notting disgracefully! Aluu community wii sieze to exist as they ve murderd sleep,no life no male child will live more than 20yrs! D gods of aluu community will pour pepper in d eyes of d indegenes of aluu land and d spirits of these boys will continually hunt them till those evil guys that planned, raised their filthy hands wt those planks on those boyz be put to death disgracefully unless women were not created by God Almighty! Amen

  4. Honestly i support every moves Ʊ guys tk …Aluu community shd be wiped all out witout leaving a rat unkilled …Aluta continua!!!!!!!!


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