University of Lagos Officially Renamed To Moshood Abiola University of Lagos


In a very interesting way to start Democracy Day, The president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan renamed the University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University of Lagos in honor of the late MKO Abiola.

The president made the announcement early this morning during The Democracy Day Nationwide address.

So far this hasn’t sat well with students as they are right now protesting outside the school premises and have even moved to Yaba.

What are your thoughts on renaming the university?




  1. Now, I say this is unacceptable.. what has changing the name of UNILAG got to do with honoring MKO and what he died for? What did he die for in the first place, GEJ is not doing anything about making life better for the average Nigerians but changing the brand name of a University that had been built in the last 50 years without due consultation. Stop fooling yourself Mr President and do what is more honorable to immortalize the dead hero of Nigeria.

    This is meant to be democracy and not some dictatorship era. Let us be objective here, renaming UNILAG cannot buy anyone over, in fact, it disgusts me that anyone would advise the President to do so in the so-called name of honoring.

    No to renaming of UNILAG to MAU, it is inappropriate and unconstitutional. He should stop acting like there are no more important things to worry about. He mentioned that we will create an environment that will be able to COPE with the current security issues, we hear absurdity coming out from the seat of power daily.. please, let us wake up and stand for what is right.

  2. Goodluck is suffering from psychosis… i knw by june 12 smfin new is cming up.. Den independence day… So useless A̶̲̥̅̊ man..Nigeria wld made MKO country of africa or patience e jomnathan country of africa of nigeria

  3. Goodluck is suffering from psychosis… i knw by june 12 smfin new is cming up.. Den independence day… So useless A̶̲̥̅̊ man..he would make NigeriA MKO country of africa or patience e jonathan country of nigeria

  4. I am an alumnus of the great Unilag, and I consider it an insult that my alma mater would be renamed after someone like Abiola, especially without consultation with the administrators and other interested parties in the school.
    What exactly was Jonathan thinking?
    As far as I know, Abiola has already been honored in Ogun state, where a polytechnic was named after him. Unilag should be left as unilag.

  5. Mr president should wake up,he should’nt allow some fools we have in government to be playing him around cos i see no reason why he will rename a great school like UNILAG to MAU. i dont really know where this great country is heading to with this our so called leaders

  6. Mr president I see u made mistakes taking ur advisers so its better u leave unilag as unilag nd face d country’s problem nd stop disturbing urself with foolish issues be wise mr president I regret voting u into power we are in a democratic world for christ sake think wise

  7. We should all think about it in another way,some of us were young then that is why we dont knw how mush mko is so important to the country.Infact we yorubas should be ashame of our selfs,honouring our great father in our land we are still complaining,what of other schs renamed in the country,does that affect their academic activities? Pls the student should go bck to sch,and even if we want to complaine about the renaming,we dont need to abuse the president but advice and express our feeling in a legal and respective ways.I think the government knw why they took that decision.Let our governors say something.

  8. See mr. Adisa… The name UNILAG is a brand name. Its known thru out world. Is jst like changing Oxford, harvard, cambridge university dt has been existn for centuries. Bobo be wise… The other schs dt re changed re done in deir early stage nt wen dey’ve bn usin d name more dan 20yrs obe useless govt wud nw say dey change it… What nonsense


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