Unbelievable! Time Magazine on Nollywood.

Caption reads The production companies have extremely limited budgets and only the most basic scripts.

 Please watch this picture slideshow before you read this piece.

This was published online by Time magazine about a month ago and what i saw truly disturbed me. Things have been going up on different blog sites about it but i haven’t seen anything here. When i saw these pictures, i was disturbed, angered and truly flabagasted the way our movie industry was potrayed. I mean, you would think that the fact that we are the third largest film industry would touch a point with them and make them want to do their research before they did a feature on us but instead of that, this is what they came out.

Now, I am not bashing anyone for their creativity and most of the information they had in their caption was correct. However, in saying that, I also believe in a magazine as popular and old as Time to be truthful and to have done the correct research before they put anything like that out and I think everyone will agree with me that most of those pics do not reflect what most of our movies are about. It is very sad that there have been misconceptions and stereotypes about Nigeria (and Africa in general) all these times and you would think that by now, the knowledge level would have  increased. This pictures showed me that this isn’t the case.

Well, feel free to look over the pics and give your reactions to them, let me know what you think and also why it is the case that all these stereotypes are still prevalent even till today, Enjoy

PS – this is my first piece, hope you like it, more to come.


  1. its a fucking pity how the western world..depicts other countries… this is very annoying and i am getting sick of it… its not creative… it is bashing and done very untastefully…

  2. ok…just finished watching the slide show and i am appalled! Its like they went out to find the most grotesque and disturbing images ever. Are those pictures even from any naija movie?

  3. I am an avid viewer of Nollywood movies and I have NEVER…as in… EVER seen any of the movies featured in this slideshow, nor have I even heard of any of these actors… *yawn* *sigh*…. typical.

  4. I’m not suprised at all CNN nd friends(i.e. Time,twitter) r specialist@fabricatin stuff. I kip wonderin how long it’ll take d world to notice

  5. Poverty of the mind is an affliction of the gods!!! An organization as big as TIME should be ashamed for this type of predatory and false reporting. I know times are hard but you don't have to stoop this low to get some "juicy" shit on your magazines so people can buy 'em! Very very distasteful

  6. i know from time to time i am guilty of cracking a few jokes on the acting or whack screen effects i see in some naija movies, but they were all harmless and in good fun. Honestly, i rather enjoy some of the movies i watch. But this dude crossed the line in his ridiculous and distasteful depiction of naija movies. i'm seriously shocked that Time magazine would even allow this. I had to show my daddy and you know what his response was? He shrugged his shoulders and nonchalantly said, "this is nothing new. there's people out there who still believe nigerians live in trees. some people just can't except the fact that africans are advancing."


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