Two Nigerians Arrested In Thailand For Producing Cocaine


Looks like some of us Nigerians are still not learning the lessons about involvement in drugs especially in far east Asia.

Thailand officials have arrested two Nigerians alongside their Peruvian accomplice for allegedly producing cocaine in their rented apartment, in rubber plantation in Ban Khai District of Rayong province.

The suspects have been identified Joseph Uyamadu, 43, and Emmanuel Umiano, 33. The two were busted on Monday, September 7th, 2015 when the Thailand police stormed their apartment following a tip from an anonymous source.

During a search, the police found large amounts of cocaine thrown into a flush tank, a bag containing a stick substance suspected to be Opium, corrosive acid, an electric grinder, a microwave oven, and kerosene. The police suspect all these are used to produce the cocaine, but further tests will be performed to confirm their suspicions.


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