Tunde Bakare Declares Himself Hale And Hearty After Collapse


The revered man of God, Tunde Bakare, who collapsed Monday while giving a lecture to a group of investors in Lagos, has declared himself “hale, hearty and in good spirit though in need of rest,”.

While thanking followers of Mr Bakare, who is also an influential social activist and one of the most relentless critics of governments, for their outpouring of love and concern, the church said he needs “the space and time to fully recuperate over the next few days”.

“Thank you all for your outpouring of affection and concern through calls, messages, and prayers, please be assured that Pastor Tunde Bakare is hale, hearty and in good spirits, though in need of rest.”

Mr. Bakare was reported to have collapsed while delivering a lecture during the Capital Investors dinner at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos on Monday.

A witness present during the incident said that there was a swelling on his forehead after he fell as he was rushed to Reddington Hospital in Lagos and was discharged after receiving preliminary treatment.



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